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I recently had a photo session with Jessica on the first day of fall. The shoot, for me, was very different than those I’ve shot in the past. I actually spent time thinking about it beforehand. Just like designing – I’m always pushing myself to sketch things out first. To think about it for a few days. To let it simmer.




I did exactly that with this photoshoot. I created a moodboard (below). I sketched out the shots that I wanted. I spent time after another shoot scouting locations. The board below had one purpose – to set the mood. I wanted bright lipstick. An emphasis on her hair. A playful, yet fashionable vibe. I didn’t want to copy the shots but it did inspire the ones that I took.


I like being intentional in all my work. It brings about a better process. And a better result.

See more photos here.

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Comments (10)

  • First, awesome pictures.

    Second, I think being intentional is something I need to be better at. I love that you created a mood board beforehand–what a great way to get in the mode & as you said, “let things simmer.” Great advice.

    • Thanks Janae!!

      I need to be better about it too. It’s easy to just dive into a project or a session. We can do it!!

  • Great post! I am always pushing (or reminding) myself to think about the “why” in my process. Even if I don’t change my execution after asking myself, “why do it this way?” – having a solid reason or strategy behind a design makes it so much stronger – and then I can explain it so much better to clients!

    • YES! That is so so true. We should always be presenting our work too. That can always be one that I fail at. I try to not just send an email explaining my work. Thanks for the comment, Anna!

  • Great photos. Such a good vibe.

    How did you approach your subject with your ideas? did you show her the mood board? I have had ideas in mind for shoots, but it seems that I am too shy to push it very far because the subject always seems to have ideas of their own. Should I just unleash the little beast photographer and tell them what I think are good, artistic ideas, rather than let them “settle” for what they think are good ideas?

    • I follow her on Twitter so I was able to see what she looks like and get to know her a bit beforehand. But then I also went through photos that inspire me and put together a collection that went well together. None of those in the moodboard are exactly alike.

      Then I emailed it to her and gave her suggestions (bright lipstick, braid, summer-y outfits…even though it was the first day of fall).

      She was excited and I think clients like that more than us saying “Oh just wear what you want!” I also showed her shots as the shoot went on. If they can see how it looks (and if they love it) then it’s an easier sell!

  • I LOVE intentional shoots. I love the creative process behind them. In fact, I am having one this weekend!

  • You’re so talented! I just bought a canon t5i and I can’t wait to start playing with it. Cute blog :)

    xo Alyssa

    PS If you ever come to Montreal, holla!

  • I absolutely adore this shoot! When I saw the first shot I instantly knew it was a hit. I think the idea of being more intentional is something photographers can adjust to! I’m going to reference this to my husband as he works on his photography.

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