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On Thursday, I posted this on Instagram sharing how I was feeling irritable, insecure and a bit deflated. Not only was I encouraged – I also realized that I’m not alone.

Lucky for me, we had a roadtrip planned and it was good for the soul. We drive back to Adam’s hometown and spent a day with his family. I sometimes forget how beautiful the open sky can be. How clean the air (except for when you drive by a field that smells like crap). And how good family is. Always.

We celebrated his sister’s upcoming marriage, watched his brother run cross country, snuggled the best dogs and went to WalMart (I never go to WalMart so it kind of blew my mind).

I gotta slow down, people. It’s too important to skip over.


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  • Sometimes a change of pace is exactly what you need to get back on track of feeling good. All those cute pups don’t hurt either :) Glad to hear it was a recharging kind of weekend!

  • I have been feeling the same lately, and took this weekend to rejuvenate and reevaluate how I spend my time. I’m taking the time to enjoy the little things like cuddling with my husband and cats, sipping a good cup of coffee and even exercising. It feels 100% better to slow down and enjoy life :)

  • these pictures are wonderful! they bring a little peace to me too:)

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