A Woman Supporting Women


I’m a woman. I’m under 30 years old. And I own my own business.

Owning a business is one of the most rewarding and difficult things I’ve ever done. But every day that I wake up I have to smile because I’m able to do this. I get to do this. I don’t take the little things for granted. I’m thankful every time I meet with a client, pay my quarterly taxes or launch a new website.

There are women all over the world who do or could do what I do. Talented, strong women. Women who feel proud of their work. Women who provide for their family. Women who feel dignity.

The amazing thing is that in a small (yet powerful way), we can help women to feel proud of their work, provide for their family and feel dignity. fashionABLE makes that possible.

The fashionABLE mission is to create sustainable business for Africans so they aren’t dependent upon charity, but instead earn the dignity of a job. We offer opportunity to everyone, with a primary focus on empowering women. When we invest in a woman, statistics demonstrate that she will have a life-changing impact on her family and community… and herself.


A year ago a wrote a post about fashionABLE and shared their mission and goals. I was so happy to bring this company to the attention of others. The scarf that I’m wearing above is a fashionABLE scarf and remains a staple in my wardrobe a year later. Today (through Friday) they are celebrating their 3 year anniversary and holding a 30% of sale.

So in the same way that many of my clients support me, let’s support these women and their talents.

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October 23, 2013