10 Truths

Do you ever feel like you go through growing pains? Not physically – but just in your life? I’ve felt like that lately. I’ve been trying to shed some negativity that has plagued me my whole life. I know that most of it comes from insecurity but I don’t think that’s really an excuse. Nothing dramatic. Just embracing myself and loving others. Less jealously. More rooting and cheering.

In effort to keep it real around here, I thought I could share 10 truths about my life right now. Feel free to do the same below in the comment section.

  1. I’ve been going to be earlier lately. By 10:30pm I crave sleep but still feel way too tired in the morning. I think my body is adjusting to my non-nocturnal habits.
  2. I’ve also been trying to kick this sickness naturally. I don’t like taking antibiotics so it’s a slower process when you don’t pop pills.
  3. I’m trying a new weekly approach where I schedule all meetings, Skype sessions and phone calls for Tuesdays and Thursdays in hopes that I can actually spend 3 days/week designing and creating.
  4. I’m starting to get nervous about the holiday season. Business can slow down during these upcoming months and it’s a little scary since Adam and I work together independently.
  5. I really want an ONA camera bag. And the Canon 50mm 1.2. Refraining from buying both because of #4.
  6. I wear the same 3 outfits all the time. It’s easy, simple and I treat it like a uniform.
  7. Sometimes I freak out because I still can’t ever imagine being a parent. Almost all of my college friends have kids and being different can make you insecure.
  8. If I talk all day, my throat ends up hurting. And then I think, “C’mon Allie. Pull it together!” I can hear my piano teacher telling me to talk from my diaphragm and not my throat. Oye.
  9. I had to spell check the word diaphragm.
  10. I don’t monitor who unfollowed me on Twitter, Google Analytics or most of my Twitter feed anymore. I used to do all three. Twitter lists are my best friend.

What’s true about your life right now?

October 16, 2013