I’m a woman. I’m under 30 years old. And I own my own business. Owning a business is one of the most rewarding and difficult things I’ve ever done. But every day that I wake up I have to smile because I’m able to do this. I get to do this. I don’t take the little things […

I’ve been referencing my wardrobe simplification for a couple months and I’m excited to finally share how I approached the whole process! While I’m still not 100% there yet – I’ve made huge changes and am proud of myself for getting rid of so much JUNK. It all started when I found

I’ve had a few interesting conversations lately about STUFF and MONEY. What’s up with NO ONE talking about money? Here’s a brief history of my relationship with work, money and things: I was raised in a household where my mom didn’t shop often, we ate off-brand food and we rarely ate out

Do you ever feel like you go through growing pains? Not physically – but just in your life? I’ve felt like that lately. I’ve been trying to shed some negativity that has plagued me my whole life. I know that most of it comes from insecurity but I don’t think that’s really an excuse

Erika and I hosted a Haute Blog workshop in Indianapolis last weekend. It was so wonderful to spend an entire afternoon with so many amazing women. Even though I was sick as a dog (I slept 11 hours that night!), it was 100% worth it. I’m excited to share all of their newly launched blogs […]

Anyone know how to fix Bitchy Resting Face? I’ve had it my whole life. I remember being a kid and my mom standing behind the kitchen counter while preparing dinner and saying, “You know you look angry right now, right? You really need to work on communicating with your facial expressions.” The

On Thursday, I posted this on Instagram sharing how I was feeling irritable, insecure and a bit deflated. Not only was I encouraged – I also realized that I’m not alone. Lucky for me, we had a roadtrip planned and it was good for the soul. We drive back to Adam’s hometown and spent a […

  I recently had a photo session with Jessica on the first day of fall. The shoot, for me, was very different than those I’ve shot in the past. I actually spent time thinking about it beforehand. Just like designing – I’m always pushing myself to sketch things out first. To think about it

I grew up in Illinois (2 hours of south of Chicago) but frequented the city/suburbs frequently. Most of my family lives in the Chicago area and so does my best friend. We try to visit as many times as we can but our time in the city neighborhoods are always cut short. We did manage […]