Thoughts on Self-Promotion

This post is sort of a preface to the one scheduled for tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about finding clients as an entrepreneur. I’ve learned a lot about the subject over the last few years but especially so within the past couple months. But I took a break while writing that post to think through a few things. I can’t guarantee everything I’m saying will make sense, but here I go:

Self-promotion is weird.
It’s weird for me, specifically, because I’m an introvert.
I’d rather listen than talk.
I’d rather ask for your business card than give you mine.
I’d rather collaborate for fun first and then work together professionally.
Daily interactions can sometimes exhaust me.
But if I don’t put myself (and my work) out there, we might not make money.
If we don’t make money, I’ll need to get an office job.
If I get an office job, then I’ll be a failure.

That’s my stream of consciousness. Pretty, huh?

It can be difficult and rewarding all at once. To be honest, September will be our most successful month as The Wonder Jam (financially but also feeling really fulfilled by our work). But great months as a business owner can lead to scary thoughts like, “What if next month or the next quarter is a complete bust?!” Sometimes it feels like I’m pedaling and riding my bike uphill all.the.time.

I loved the quote above by Frank Ocean. “Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise.” But how does someone like me balance a life of silence and a life of self-promotion? Hopefully I’ll have a bit more clarity tomorrow on that subject…

[Photos above taken on my iPhone: hand bling (reindeer ring, new mani and a Tattly tattoo), delicious cajun food, photoshoots ALL weekend, the best autumn weather at the park]


September 16, 2013