My Skincare Routine

Last week when I asked my readers what they’d like me to write about, I got a few requests about my skincare routine. I’m sure no one thinks their skincare routine is that glamourous. It tends to happen right before we go to sleep (exhausted) or rushing around before we get ready in the morning. But I do love it when bloggers share what’s inside their purses, makeup bags and houses. I take recommendations very seriously and if someone recommends it – I’m more likely to purchase it!

With that being said, I keep my skincare products to a minimum. These 5 products are the ones that I use daily and I don’t tend to venture far from it. I don’t experiment with skincare products like I do with makeup. To be brutally honest, I’m a real freak about my skin. If I get a blemish, discoloration, bruising or a burn…I feel like the world is ending. After our trip to Jamaica, my skin was peeling off in sheets and I had a minor meltdown. And I can 100% admit that I’m being dramatic but I like to keep it honest around here! So here’s what I use:

  • Klorane soothing eye-makeup remover. It’s soothing, doesn’t smell strong and does the job. I don’t wear waterproof mascara or eyeliner though so I don’t know how it would hold up to products like that.
  • Clinique facial soap and dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I’ve used these two products since college and every time I switch to something else – I break out. While it’s not as natural as I’d like, I can’t conquer it all.
  • NARS Total Replenishing Eye Cream. I love NARS and most of my makeup is this brand. It’s gluten and paraben free. And it smells like oranges. Yum. I hear that I’ll thank myself when I’m older but was pressured into buying this $55 (SMALL) tube at Nordstrom. I’ll let you know in 20 years…
  • Lush’s Ocean Salt. I use this every time I shower. It’s the key to smooth skin. It’s really gritty and it smells amazing. I don’t have time for dead skin.

I wash my face at night but don’t in the morning. I’ll usually just splash water on my face to freshen up. I also use body lotion like it’s my job but I switch between lots of different kinds (depending on the scent/my mood). I’ll use Lubriderm when I want neutral, Lush’s Dream Cream when I want fruity or OHA’s Vanilla Bean body butter when I want something warm.

So there’s my not-so-glam skincare routine but it works for me. I definitely wish I went more natural with it all but at the moment I’m content with everything.

What products do you use? Have you ever tried switching products? Has your skin changed over the years?

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  • I have SUPER sensitive skin, not the “I break out in to acne kind”…the “My face feels like one big chemical burn and it’s randomly bleeding” kind. The only thing I’ve found that works is The Body Shops lines. I use the Tea Tree line to keep my face clean, and the Aloe Vera line in the mornings. I’m allergic to whatever bonding agent makes something a lotion texture (no sunscreen lotion, liquid foundation….nothing “creamy”), so washing my face in the morning with the aloe vera wash and using the aloe toner keeps my skin soft without having to use lotion.

    • That’s so interesting! I had no idea that The Body Shop was legit! That’s so good to know. Have you found makeup that works well for you?

      • The Body Shop is awesome! And their business practices ethical on an environmental and sociological level. has a tea tree concealer stick I can use, and then I’ll use a mineral powder. I’m just ecstatic that I found a mascara I can use and actually like. I’m allergic to water proof mascara, but I’m a photographer/videographer, so any time I’d sweat or my eyes would water, I’d have mascara in my eyes an all over my face and I just couldn’t have that happen. But MAC makes a mascara that is not waterproof, but instead of running, it clumps into little balls so it stays out of my eyes and no raccoon eyes either!

  • Keeping it simple is the way I roll. I don’t ware make-up, so that scratches the need to have make-up removers. I have always used a bar of dove soap in the mornings for my face, and whatever bathcream available at the time, I’ve been experimenting with a clean and clear facial scrub, but I am not too sure if the results are to my satisfaction. Slowly but surely, nivea products have taken over, and I moisturise the body on a daily straight after taking a shower, otherwise my skin will turn dry and horrid, and it will be extremely obvious when I have not moistened. As for my lips, a simple 20ml tube of vaseline does the trick. Simple and not too complex. Just how I like it :)

    • Have you ever used Dr. Bonner’s? I’ve heard their stuff is awesome. Oh and I’m obsessive about chapstick. I use Burt’s Bees or the egg shaped chapstick. If I can’t find my chapstick I sort of freak out.

  • I’m a Clinique girl to the core. I also use the face wash and moisturizer every day. If I don’t use moisturizer on my face every single morning, I may as well not even try to apply foundation. I hate my skin because it is terribly dry, but that keeps it at least manageable!

    • YAY Clinique! I do love the brand so much. Their Cream Shaper for eyes is wonderful and I’m almost out! Time to restock soon.

  • Allie! I love your blog! It’s definitely going to become a regular read. & I too am an Ocean Salt girl! I use it right after Lush’s Ultrabland. The Almond & Coconut smoothie is one of my regular items too. Mmm, LUSH!

    • Aw thank you Hilary! I love Ultrabland – and I’m adding Almond & Coconut smoothie to my list. I love both of those scents!

  • I’ve been using Dermalogica for the past couple of years. It works really well, but recently I’ve noticed my skin breaking out more (i’m guessing stress related), and I’m wondering if there’s a better solution.

    My body and mind have changed so much between ages 23-25. I’m still trying to get acclimated to adulthood, and the fact that I need to accept imperfection in my life, and I think all of those internal worries are what cause me the most stress. haha. I’m hoping I’ll can figure things out in time.

    • I’ve noticed this week that my face is dry with the cooler temps and less humidity. It is crazy how much we change as we age. Skin, sleep habits, our metabolism. It can be difficult to adjust!

  • I recently changed my whole skincare routine over to Lush. I have seen dramatic differences! It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it. I’ve had my stash since the beginning of June and have only had to replace my body wash. It being all natural is a major plus too :)

  • Since I work at Lush, most of my skincare essentials are Lush products haha. I did, honestly, find a huge improvement in my skin after switching from Clinique to Lush, but what works for one person might not for another.

    When my skin is oily:
    Lush Coal Face cleanser, Lush Cosmetic Lad moisturizer, and some days I use Lush Grease Lightning spot treatment, ZapZyt spot treatment (extra strong – beware), and Lush Fresh Face Masks in either Cupcake, Love Lettuce, or Cosmetic Warrior

    When my skin is dry:
    Lush Angels on Bare Skin cleanser or Lush Ultrabland cleanser, Cosmetic Lad moisturizer, and if I need to reduce flakage, sometimes Ocean Salt (yay!) or Lush Love Lettuce fresh face mask

    I’ve found that the Lush Colour Supplements are a great foundation alternative for me. The coverage is sheer, but comfortable, and it looks very natural on my skin. I use Light Pink.

    • YAY! love this list and am totally going to reference it the next time I go to our Lush store. And excited to check out that Colour Supplement!

  • Since moving back from living in Asia, my skin has been a mess. The products I used in the humid climate didn’t really work for the temperate climates in DC… still searching for the right products.

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