Recent Work

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Mostly juggling the business side of things with creative work. I’ve had a lot of photoshoots and have been learning a lot. I decided to host a pop-up shoot at a local park and charged $30 for a 15 minute shoot with people and their dogs! I used all of the money to buy Adam’s Macbook Air for his birthday. Here’s a collage of shots:


I also shot products for a local Etsy shop Ben & Co (who has the most amazing scrubs). I designed her logo/labels awhile ago and so it was so neat to photograph it all! It was the first time I really shot a line of product and I really enjoyed it. It’s one thing to shoot product on a stark background but it’s another to create warmth and softness surrounding a single item. I was really happy with how they turned out. Here’s a teaser:


Last Sunday, I also had a family session! Photographing kids is always a hilarious adventure. How sweet are they?


I’ve also been shooting for Death to the Stock Photo. Our next pack goes out next week so be sure to sign up!

We also launched Kincaid Parade! Rachael was on Blogger before we re-designed and migrated her space over to WordPress! She is one of my favorite bloggers. Being able to follow along with her lovely family has been such a blessing! Excited to see her space grow even more!

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 2.58.45 AM

I’m off to Chicago for the weekend so I’ll chat with you all on Monday!

September 27, 2013