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Over the past year, I’ve really simplified my wardrobe. This summer I found myself wearing the same few pieces over and over. 80% of those items are from Everlane. I’m hooked and I don’t see myself parting ways anytime soon! Before purchasing one of their silk blouses, I scoured the internet for a review or a photo of someone wearing one! Obviously the models on the site are gorgeous (and tall) and so I never really know if something will fit my smaller frame. I decided to bite the bullet and order it anyway.

Everlane Silk Blouse1

Everlane Silk Blouse3

Everlane Silk Blouse2

The verdict: I LOVE IT. I’m 5 feet tall (and no inches) and the XS fit me perfectly. It’s loose enough that it’s extremely comfortable. Perfect length in the arms and it’s easy to tuck in since it’s not bulky. So what are my other favorites from Everlane?

Seed Stitch2

Seed Stitch3

Seed Stitch1

Their new Seed Stitch Raglan sweater (in an XS, light grey) is so comfortable. It’s loose and not too form fitting. Perfect paired with a pair of shorts or jeans. I want one in every color!



And of course, their basic women’s V has been my go-to ALL summer. I own 2 in black and 2 in white. I got an XS and a Small in each since I like the looser fit sometimes. They’re the ONLY v-necks that I own that don’t wrinkle horribly after I wash/dry them. For $15, you really can’t beat it. I plan on getting it in Stone or Slate next.

So there you have it! My favorite Everlane products. I do love their Ryan tees (tanks and shirts) but haven’t tried the new ones since they re-launched. If you sign up, use my affiliate code! I get credit but I promise you won’t regret it. I trust this brand 100%! And I didn’t get paid or compensated for this post. Just sharin’ the love. 

PS: If you want to help me simplify my life ever MORE, head on over and shop my closet on Instagram! All proceeds will be used for…probably another Everlane blouse :)

Username is: @alliepal_closet 


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  • LOVE Everlane too. They are a dream brand and I love their products and everything they do. Cute post!

  • i have never heard of this site but am excited to look. i’m almost 5’10 sooo good to know the clothes are good for tallies too! :)

  • Hi! Stumbled upon your site while searching for Everlane fitting, and I’ll definitely be back again :) Hope it’s not creepy to ask- are you wearing the black v neck in XS as well? I’m 5’8″ and typically an XS, but if it fits you so well at 5′ then I might need the Small. Thanks so much!

    • Awesome and glad to hear! Yes I’m wearing an XS in the vneck. I also have it in small and like it for a looser fit around the midsection. But I will mention that the XS I’m wearing in the post is pretty long so even if you’re tall – it might still work!

  • I’m having a couple of those tees shipped to my mom in NC before she comes to visit me in England in a couple of weeks. I’ll use your affiliate code!

  • Love Everlane!! Do you dry clean the silk after every wear? Any dry cleaning tips?

    I’ve been editing my wardrobe (along with everything else) this year and LOVE it as well. We had a big garage sale early this summer and then continued to get rid of stuff. Now I could pretty much get dressed while sleep walking!

    I’ve really enjoyed this gal’s blog in my minimizing journey:

    • I’m planning to dry clean the silk blouse after 2 wears (probably) unless I sweat a lot while I wear it haha. Thanks for sharing that blog too, Bethany!

  • i adore these outfit photos allie! the colors are so perfect:)

  • Thanks for the review this is really helpful. If you don’t mind me asking, what size are you wearing in the seed stitch?

  • I love everlane too. I got two of their v necks for christmas and one of their light weight sleeveless shirts too (I’m wearing it right now). unfortunately, I ordered a small (for some reason I’m always scared an xs will be tight fitting) and they kind of swallow me. I am thinking i’ll either take them in, or sell them and buy some smaller ones. I really like the way the black one looks on you! Maybe that will be my next purchase!

    • Those shirts feel like butter! I love it. And yeah, I’ve had issues with ordering things I think will be perfect but their fit is specific. I just ordered one of the box tees and saw on their Instagram that another petite girl ordered a Medium so I ordered a small and I hope it’s not too short!!

  • I love everlane too. I have all their box cut and raglan sweaters in all 3 colours!!! although I have to say, I’m partially inclined towards the box cut sweaters! Love them heaps

    • I’m excited to try the box cut tees next! Do you find that they can be too short? Or do you order up a size?

      • Hahaha, I actually have all three Box Cut Tees too! Lol! Seriously, I am obsessed with their stuff. I normally wear XS because I am quite petite and have an overall boyish frame due to my broad shoulders.

        And yes the Box Cut Tees are cropped, and I have ordered them all in S and they suit me fine. I have seen other fellow petite bloggers order an M and it fits them fine as well! I have just ordered a Box Cut Tee in M so will see how different it fits and looks on me.

        Have you tried their crewneck and U-neck tees? I absolutely LOVE their crewnecks and was absolutely devastated to hear that they’ve been discontinued.

  • I adore Everlane. I really want to buy one of their silk blouses. I have one black and one white v neck tee, and a Ryan tank. I also have the tote and the weekender bag. I love everything! Solid brand.

    My boyfriend also really likes their pocket tees for men. He has two, and he’s asked me to order a couple more. :)

    • I want the tote and weekender bag too!! And you should definitely get a silk blouse. It’s flawless. I still need to get my husband to buy some. I always have referral credit so I barely spend money on their stuff. Maybe for his birthday… :)

      • Well, the men’s tees are just as you would expect: same soft material, and they fit fantastically. They’re my favorite shirts on him. :)

  • I am obsessed with my Ryan tees! I have one in every color. Thanks for showing me your favorites – now I can enjoy more Everlane in my closet :)

  • Hi! I chanced upon your blog while searching for everlane reviews from petites. I’m an exactly 5ft girl as well :) Ive been thinking of their clothes but unsure about sizing. May I know if any of your tees shrink/expand with wash. I like a looser fit tee in the waist as well. I’ve a 24inches high waist and broader hips at 30 inches, but not sure if the S will be too big in the bottom half. Thanks for your help! Happy Thanksgiving too:)

    • Hey sorry for the delay in my response! My tees didn’t really shrink that much but I would go with a SMALL if you want it looser. Their XS tend to stay tighter on me.

  • hi! i found your site when i was looking for reviews on everlane products and was wondering if you could help me with sizing! im 5’3 about 115 pounds but i have a long torso and i like things not tight, so I’m trying to decide between the xs and small on the silk shirt, v neck sweater and t shirt. what do you think!

    • Hey Sam! I would go with the small. Their XS are definitely form fitting. You miiight be able to get the xs in the silk blouse because it’s looser. I’m 5ft and 100 lb and the xs aren’t loose so I would definitely consider the SMALL. I’ve even heard of people our size getting the MEDIUM in the cropped/shorter shirts too…

  • Hey Allison,

    I’m planning on trying one of the Everlane blouses but can’t decide which (they offer 3 styles in the blouse). I was wondering which one you are wearing in this post? Looks great on you!

  • Thank you! I usually buy smalls in sweaters but the everlane customer service told me that xsmall would be better for me… So now I’m just confused! Lol so you would say small in everything? I especially don’t like my sweaters super fitted but a bit oversized :)

    • I have the raglan seed stitch in XS and since it’s looser, it fits well. For the silk blouse I also ordered an XS. The only thing I buy in small at Everlane are their tees! I like a looser option for the summer.

  • katie

    Hi, I would like to share my experience with the brand Everlane with you. Unfortunately it has been an extremely difficult and upsetting experience. I do not want anyone else to spend good money with a company that does not care about its customers.
    I purchased a Petra Market Tote on the 5th March 2014. Within the first couple of weeks of receiving the bag, one side of the bag’s leather started to bubble up and away from the suede interior lining, leaving the bag looking bubbly and like an extremely cheap looking handbag.
    I contacted Everlane on the 7th April with photographs and an explanation of what has happened. I also advised that I had purchased the handbag and had it forwarded onto Australia at my own extra cost. I received a reply from ‘Brian’ within 4 days (contrary to their 24 hr reply system.) He was apologetic and offered to replace the ‘defective’ bag and that although it was not their standard policy, they would ship the replacement bag to Australia. ‘Brian’ asked for my shipping address, I replied and sent my address back with in 12 hours.
    Then I heard nothing from Everlane. I sent one email on the 1st of May, another one on the 8th of May before getting a response from ‘Brian’ on the 19th of May, apologizing for the delay and stating “We’re still a small team here and with all of the new product launches recently, we’ve been a little bit swamped” How hard is it to send out a replacement for a faulty bag when they ship out items on a daily basis? I was asked to AGAIN send my details, to which I did, again within 12 hours.
    Today is the 29th of May and I have since sent another email requesting any information and to be kept updated on my replacement bag or a refund.
    It has now been 7 WEEKS since my initial email and I have been extremely patient and polite until now and I do not know what to do with a company that treats it customers like they do not care! Any advise or help with this issue with Everlane would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou, Katie

  • As a petite, have you ever tried their pants? I am 5’3″ and slightly curvy and am wondering about the fit. Usually when pants fit in the hips on me, they gap at the waist. Any experience there?

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