Me, At 20

I get a lot of emails asking me two questions: “What advice do you have for someone in college (studying design)?” and “What would you have done differently in college now that you know what you know?”

For awhile I would come up with some pretty solid responses. I would tell people how I didn’t really learn much in college, that it felt like a waste of money and to go to a school in a city where you could network! But as I started thinking about it recently…I decided to change my answer. I started thinking back on my college life and realized the following:

  • I didn’t do well in many of my classes
  • I didn’t really have school spirit
  • I stayed up way too late and skipped most of my classes before noon
  • I didn’t get an awesome internship my junior year
  • I went to school in the middle of nowhere
  • I didn’t love design like I do now

But here’s what I did do:

  • I was making art with my hands. Painting. Drawing. Sculpting.
  • I didn’t have much anxiety
  • I traveled. A LOT.
  • I took an insane amount of Photobooth pictures like the one above and then probably made out with Adam immediately after
  • I met and lived alongside my best friends

That time for me was really precious. In a way – I am envious of 20-year-old me. I feel quite successful professionally but there’s something really amazing about that time in my life. Carefree, curious and adventurous. I want to incorporate those things back into my life on a day-to-day basis.

So the next time someone asks me about college (and what I would do differently), I’ll probably say:

Not a damn thing.


September 26, 2013