Let’s Get Coffee

Happy Friday the 13th! I’m not superstitious but I like saying it to people in hopes that they kind of freak out. Anyways, I think we all loved the last “Let’s Get Coffee” post so I’m going to bring it back every month! This month I’m asking 5 new questions. Answer below in the comment section:

  1. Do you wear jewelry? If so, what are your daily wears?
  2. What’s one autumn tradition that you look forward to? 
  3. Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?
  4. What do you do when you’re stressed?
  5. Favorite childhood movie?

Here are my answers!

I really only wear my wedding band and engagement ring (out of focus but pictured above). I sometimes will add rings to my right hand if I’m going to a meeting but I can’t work at my computer while wearing jewelry. I also wear my gold Michael Kors watch when I’m out. 

Bonfires! In high school and college, I was always in the country at a friends’ farm or at a cabin with roommates. We live in a pretty urban area so there aren’t a lot of those but maybe I can convince my father-in-law to build one at their place in Indiana this fall. 

I used to listen to podcasts ALL THE TIME but stopped once I started working with Adam full-time. I like to keep conversation going and sometimes putting on headphones feels like I’m disrupting communication. Also, the connector in our car broke so I can’t play anything on my iPhone while I take trips. Major bummer.

When I’m stressed, I shop. It’s a horrible habit and I haven’t even been that great at my spending freeze. More on that later.

Favorite childhood movie? That’s tough. Definitely E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. One time, as a kid, I watched it 3 times in one day. Don’t tell my mom.

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

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Comments (44)

  • What a fun idea, Allie! :) Happy Friday!

    Here are my answers:

    1. Sometimes. I have a bright pink Kate Spade watch I wear, and I used to wear a spoon ring I got in high school all the time, but it’s not a daily accessory anymore for some reason. I do love bright, colorful jewelry, and I will accessorize with earrings or statement necklaces if I feel inspired to do so/if I have enough time in the morning. Haha!
    2. Drinking apple cider! Goodness gracious, I love the stuff! Apple cider means autumn to me, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than having my hands wrapped around a hot mug filled with cider. I love to drink it while reading something inspiring, writing in my journal, catching up with friends, or even wandering around a beautiful apple orchard admiring the leaves.
    3. I used to listen to a lot of Podcasts, but I’ve gotten away from doing that. I usually just listen to music when I’m working now. I used to listen to a variety of NPR podcasts, creative podcasts, and a faith-based podcast called The Boundless Show.
    4. I pray. I also try to go for a run to clear my heart and my head. Let’s be honest, though, sometimes dark chocolate wins out over running. ;)
    5. The Christmas movie Prancer. (So many people have never even heard of that movie! I watched my VHS copy so much as a kid it completely wore out!) I still love when that’s on TV each holiday. :)

    • Aw I had a spoon ring too and I loved it! And I also LOVE apple cider. Starbuck’s one with caramel is amazing.

      I need to check out Prancer. I’m a sucker for ANY Christmas movie.

  • Do you wear jewelry? If so, what are your daily wears?

    Nope! Just my very plain wedding band (Drew knew better than to buy me something fancy that I’d hate wearing).

    What’s one autumn tradition that you look forward to?

    We do a lot of backyard fires. I also just get excited about cooking fall foods.

    Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?

    I am semi-Luddite, so no.

    What do you do when you’re stressed?

    I like to watch movies where everyone dies really bloody horrible deaths. Or movies where everyone gets their asses beat, repeatedly.

    Favorite childhood movie?

    The Labyrinth or the Wizard of Oz, tough call.

    • I also love cooking fall foods. I’ve been baking bread all week and pumpkin cookies. Yesssss. What’s your favorite movie where people die horrible deaths? I watch suspenseful thrillers or just binge watch a tv show.

  • Love this idea!
    1. I kind of hate jewelry, too much fuss for me, so I just stick to my wedding ring/one-year anniversary band. This was the first and only ring I’ve ever worn. I have one necklace that makes random appearances, but otherwise I like to keep it simple.

    2. Talking drives through the Midwest once the leaves change colors. It’s kind of become a tradition for my husband and I to stay at a B&B for a weekend and just soak in the amazing colors! It’s one of my favorite things to do in the year!

    3. I haven’t been a big podcast person but keeping seeing bloggers putting podcasts together and just downloaded the app…so curious to see what others suggest:).

    4. When I’m stressed I like to go for walks or bike rides (or eat a piece of cake), haha, still trying to break the nasty sugar habit;)

    5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the original…so good!

    • I literally don’t own any necklaces or bracelets BUT I do love rings. I have lots (even if I take them off in random places and lose them).

      Haha and I totally get the eating cake thing…yummmm.

  • EEEEE I love your coffee date series!

    I wear jewelry all the time. I love jewelry. My wardrobe tends to consist of solid tops and jeans, so I try to dress it up with interesting jewelry. I love my big hoop earrings, layering necklaces, and fun cuff bracelets! I just got a watch but I’m not in the habit of using it unless I’m working at the hospital on the weekends… so basically when it’s necessary.

    Autumn is my favorite season. I love everything about it. I’m not sure we have any traditions except for going to pick out Christmas trees after Thanksgiving dinner and cutting them down ourselves. I absolutely love spending time with the family next to the fireplace– my dad builds the best fires!

    I do not listen to podcasts. I never can seem to get them to work.

    I’m a stress-eater. Period. Anything scoopable is usually my go-to. Dips and guacs and bruschetta.

    I can quote The Little Rascals. It’s still on my top ten movies of all time. I watched it every afternoon one summer!

    • YAY! I’m so glad you love this series!

      I’m jealous that you wear jewelry – I definitely just can’t do it even though I want to. Oh but I ALSO get my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. My family is coming to our place this year for the first time and they’ll help us decorate our tree!

  • 1. Just my wedding ring and my fitbit flex – does that count?

    2. Don’t really have any autumn traditions besides more walks at sunset to capture beautiful pictures.

    3. The only podcasts I’ve listened to are Dan Savage show podcasts.

    4. When I’m stressed I need to spend some time alone outside – reading, walking, taking pictures, just being outdoors doing my own thing.

    5. My favoirite childhood movie which is still my all time favorite movie is Mr. Mom.

    • Fitbit Flex definitely counts :) I also love to walk or drive by myself when I’m dressed. It feels really freeing.

  • 1// I wear way too much jewelry haha. Anything that’s a mix of metal/stone, looks like it’s from ancient tribal cultures or has a triangle, and I probably own it and wear it. I have a pretty plain wardrobe, so jewelry is how I mix it up.

    2// Scarves! the only thing that comes second to my jewelry is my scarves haha. And boots. So many boots. And, I live in the Ozarks, so the trees and the sunlight is just perfect starting in a few weeks.

    3// Podcasts are so great. I love Grace Bonney’s podcast, and I’m always going to love This American Life. Others I listen to include: Bullseye from Maximum Fun, 99%Invisible, and The Memory Palace.

    4// Is shut down an appropriate answer? Kidding. kind of. I do one of two things: I buckle down and have productive super powers, I walk away and read/relax for a little bit. Usually the second.

    5// The Little Mermaid! I had it all memorized by the time I was 4 and I loved it for a long time.

    • I love it when people have a style/look when it comes to jewelry! I tend to be drawn to gold and delicate rings. Oh and I’m totally going check out those podcasts!!

      I have to shut down and walk away from things too. I don’t always love that characteristic but it’s how I am…

  • I love that this series happens when I have a cup of coffee on hand! :)

    I’m trying to get back into the habit of wearing jewelry. My boyfriend’s sister gave me my favorite necklace that I wear constantly (a golden triangle on long chain from Moorea Seal). And I just bought some new earrings as well.

    Every year around mid-October, I make a few loaves of pumpkin bread. I have a go-to recipe for it and I love how it fills my apartment with the smell of pumpkin and spices.

    Honestly, I don’t listen to any podcasts. I’ve never gotten into them, but I’d be open to listening to any recommendations anyone might have. :)

    Lately, if I’m stressed at work, I snack absentmindedly. It’s such a bad habit. I’ve been munching on almonds nonstop, so I guess it could be worse?

    I remember just loving Edward Scissorhands as a kid. The visuals and the music were my favorite thing about this movie, but I would always get so upset towards the end (which still makes me tear up). But I love it to this day and I watch it anytime it’s on.

    • Then it’s like a REAL coffee date :)

      Edward Scissorhands is THEEEE best. I love it!! And I also love fall baking. My house has smelled so good lately.

  • 1. I only wear my engagement ring and wedding band on a regular basis. I had a tiny G ring for my right hand (hubby’s name is Greg) from catbirdnyc.com, but sadly, I lost it. I will wear a small pair of silver hoops if I feel like being fancy, but that isn’t often.

    2. Hoodies are my favorite thing about autumn. So easy and cozy.

    3. I have never gotten into podcasts, but I didn’t put much effort into getting into them either.

    4. I go shopping too. Mostly at craft stores and book shops. I could just roam and roam for hours if I didn’t look like a weirdo.

    5. My favorite childhood movie is The Wizard of Oz. I used to watch it all the time when I was smaller. Plus I am from Kansas. How could I not love it?!

    • I love Catbird! I went into that shop in Brooklyn and wanted everything. HOODIES! Yesss! And sweaters. And boots! And I’m glad I’m not the only one with a shopping/stress problem…

  • I love “getting coffee”!

    1. I usually just wear a long necklace, because I’m totally in the same boat as you, anything else on my fingers/wrists annoys me when I work on a computer

    2. There are so many! But if I had to choose one it would be going to an apple orchard (because it involves other traditions I love, like drinking apple cider)

    3. I rarely listen to podcasts, but my boyfriend is a fan of “Stuff You Should Know” – so if we’re ever going on a road trip, those are playing

    4. I try to work out when I’m stressed, but if that’s not an option I write down everything that’s on my mind and then make lists detailing how to tackle it all – this usually helps because I realize whatever is stressing me out isn’t really that unmanageable.

    5. Tough question! There were a few I watched over and over…Hocus Pocus, Sand Lot, A Little Princess, Babysitters Club – thinking about these makes me want to rent one!

    Have a great weekend :)

    • I love getting coffee too! And now that you mention it – I do love Stuff You Should Know! I’ve learned the craziest things.

      Journaling and working out are GREAT ways to handle stress. I’m impressed. Oh and I just bought The Sandlot on DVD :)

  • This is one of my favorite blog posts – I like reading what you and others have to say!

    1. I always wear a watch and earrings, in addition to my wedding rings. I just recently bought a new right hand ring which I’ve been wearing every day as well! Necklaces are hit and miss, but I do think they really add to a look.

    2. I love football season. Watching football games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday is one of my favorite parts of the fall.

    3. I don’t listen to any podcasts. I don’t listen to audiobooks either. I don’t know why. I think it’s because I just prefer to listen to music.

    4. I do the exact opposite of what I need to be doing when I’m stressed. If I’m stressed at work, I start reading blog posts or scrolling through photography websites. If I’m stressed at home about a messy house or un-done dishes, I exercise or blog instead. It’s super annoying, but true.

    5. My favorite childhood movie was probably either Pistol Pete or something made by Feature Films for Families (look that up, you’ll laugh)

    • Me too, Jess! And I’m with you – I love listening to music when I work. And I’m totally with you on avoiding the task at hand when you’re stressed. Hence – my whole house is messy so I’m replying to blog comments and watching New Girl.

      And I need to look up those movies because I’ve never heard of them!!

  • 1.yes! I love dressing up or down an outfit with jewelry! But my standard everyday wear is a watch. I have 5 different ones, and I love mixing it up. I can’t go anywhere without a watch.

    2. Going into my second year of college in the city, all of my traditions at home in Maine are gone (apple picking, baking, corn mazes, etc.) BUT I’m hoping to start new ones, like walks in the park with friends through the foliage.

    3. I have never listened to a podcast ever!

    4. Well seeing as I am stressed 75 percent of the time I have a few strategies. Shop (so not the best, but effective), workout (definitely a good alternative) and call my mom!

    5. The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan) without a doubt my favorite!!

    • My husband LOVES watches. It’s his go-to for sure. And yes! Starting new traditions are amazing. I’ve loved starting our own too.

      And I love The Parent Trap with LiLo!!!

  • oh i love these posts! they are a lot of fun :)

    1. i don’t wear a lot of jewelry on a daily basis. Usually just earrings (small studs), and a simple silver necklace if i’m wearing a v-neck or scoop neck top. if i’m just wearing a regular tshirt, i don’t wear a necklace.

    2. i really like going to the apple orchard with my family. i usually take a few film cameras and go crazy with photos, lol. i also love getting together with friends for chicago bears games :)

    3. i don’t listen to podcasts :/ maybe i should start?

    4. i stress shop too! it’s bad. i am current;y fighting the “need” to go shopping after work today. i need to save money!

    5. i was obsessed with “grease” as a young child. i think it was all of the singing and dancing. i was waaayyy too young to pick up on any of the “adult” themes. i also would watch “beauty and the beast” as much as my mom would let me. i even had some scenes memorized.

    • I actually think the holes in my ears closed up! After 13 years. Crazy. And yay Chicago Bears! I’m from Illinois so that made me smile.

      I need to be better about saving too. I can really suck with shopping. And I totally understand about Grease!! I watched it with my mom when I was little and had no idea hahaha

  • Do you wear jewelry? If so, what are your daily wears?

    I don’t have anything that I wear daily, but I have a few bold beaded necklaces that I’ll wear to dress up plain t-shirts.

    What’s one autumn tradition that you look forward to?

    Don’t really have any.

    Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?

    Not many, but I do love Jen Lee’s Retrospective and Michael Nobbs’ One Thing Today.

    What do you do when you’re stressed?

    Do yoga. Take baths. Sing along to my favorite music.

    Favorite childhood movie?

    I was really obsessed with The Sound of Music for quite awhile.

  • 1. On a daily basis, just my engagement ring and wedding band. I have two necklaces I like to switch between but don’t wear them regularly.

    2.I enjoy getting cozy in a oversized sweater with a warm drink and a good movie.

    3. I’ll listen to them to help me fall asleep. My husband got me hooked on Roderick On The Line. It’s silly and ridiculous, but I love it.

    4. I cook and eat everything.

    5. The Little Mermaid. Apparently I slept with the VHS as a child. It never left my sight.

    • Your favorite fall tradition sounds SO cozy!! I’ll check out Roderick On The Line!! I love silly and ridiculous.

      The Little Mermaid was my first movie theater movie! SO good!!

  • Do you wear jewelry? If so, what are your daily wears?
    I do wear jewelry, but the one thing I wear absolutely everyday is my citizen ecodrive watch.

    What’s one autumn tradition that you look forward to?
    cool nights and campfires

    Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?
    yes. I love This American Life and Northpoint Community Church messages

    What do you do when you’re stressed?
    go for a run or take my dog on a walk

    Favorite childhood movie?
    mary poppins then goonies

    • Goonies!! So good. I do love wearing my watch. It’s also such a subtle way to keep an eye on time during meetings without having your phone out! And I do love This American Life. I used to listen to it all the time but haven’t lately.

  • Do you wear jewelry? If so, what are your daily wears?

    I wear my engagement and wedding ring. A silver heart ring. My ruby earnings and diamond earrings. My nose is pieced, so I have a simulated opal nose stud and my navel is pierced, so I have matching opal navel ring.

    I try to add necklaces and bracelets to suit my outfit. But rarely everyday. Mostly when I am out and about.

    What’s one autumn tradition that you look forward to?

    Halloween. we go crazy for Halloween at our house.

    Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites?

    Not much. I should. Maybe I can find some good ones thru this discussion.

    What do you do when you’re stressed?

    Cry and get more stressed. It isn’t pretty. About 10 days ago I have a massive stress meltdown.

    Favorite childhood movie?

    Not so much childhood. Teen movies– All the Molly Ringwald films, Gotcha (Anthony Edwards with hair!) and Real Genius.

    • Halloween! It’s sooner than we think. I believe I’ll be at my parents house this year so I’ll actually see trick or treat kiddos. I’ve gotten some great podcast recs so far! Hope you find a few you like!

  • christine

    Do you wear jewelry? If so, what are your daily wears?
    I wear my engagement ring, my wedding band. Sometimes my little timex watch, and always a pair of earrings. I feel naked without them.

    What’s one autumn tradition that you look forward to? apple picking and baking.

    Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? they are lifesavers for someone who drives an hour each way to work! My favorite favorite ones is Stuff You Missed in History Class – a broad range of all sorts of historical topics hosted by rad ladies. I also love Ted Talks, This American Life, Radiolab, and STuff You Should Know.

    What do you do when you’re stressed? I write lists! It could be related to what I’m stressed about, or could be a grocery list, things I want to buy.

    Favorite childhood movie? The MIghty Ducks! I was obsessssssssed with all the movies growing up.

    • I love the same podcasts that you love!! I used to have an hour commute (30 mins each way) and loved listening to Stuff You Should Know.

      And I totally get the list making when stressed. I am the queen of lists.

  • Love this idea!

    I am a jewelry girl. I wear a silver Nixon watch on my right hand (left handed!) And on my left 3 small bracelets and a bangle that I got while in New York, it’s from a little market and made of recycled bombs from Laos. I love that it jingles along with the others. I also have a Tiffany chain that I got for my 30th.

    I don’t think I really have an autumn tradition. It’s a little different in Australia in that we’re not gearing up for Christmas when autumn arrives but I do love breaking out the scarves, beanies and gloves!

    I love podcasts. I hardly listen to the radio in the car at all anymore. My favourite include; The Joy the Baker podcast because it feels like you are right in the middle of a conversation with old friends, The Paleo View because it provides info on eating right as well as entertainment and there is also a mediation one that I can’t remember the name of. This American life is always good too when I remember to download it.

    When I am stressed I either cry or eat- neither of which are particularly good coping mechanisms. I am getting better at dealing with stress though and can usually catch myself before I inhale a whole pack of something (oreos, chocolate, potato chips) that I will later regret.

    The two movies that were on repeat in my house growing up were The Labyrinth (dance, magic dance!) and the Disney version of Robin Hood with the foxes. Bedknobs and Broomsticks was a favourite too.

    • I love that version of Robin Hood! It’s the best!!

      And I’m excited to check out Joy the Baker and Paleo View next when I start picking up podcasts again!

  • Do you wear jewelry? If so, what are your daily wears?
    I wear my FitBit Flex, which is a bracelet-type pedometer, but other than that I can’t keep something on all the time. At times there’s a ring or bracelet that I will wear for a few months, but sometimes I take it off to shower or while doing physical activity and then I fall out of the habit of wearing it. I have my ears pierced but haven’t found earrings I wear all the time.

    What’s one autumn tradition that you look forward to? Going apple picking.

    Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? Yes, I listen to Two Guys & Your Money. I know Average Joe & OG so it’s nice to hear people you know talk about a subject I am interested in.

    What do you do when you’re stressed? Depends on what level of stress. If it’s something time sensitive that I can change, I go into hyper-speed mode and just rush to get it done (kind of like this AM when I had a 630 work meeting I was leading and wasn’t sure if my work badge which lets me in the building was in my car). If I am stressed out because I am anxious about something about to happen, I usually recluse and don’t talk about it much. I try to distract myself with other more trivial things like TV.

    Favorite childhood movie? hmm, good question. Probably Home Alone?

  • This should be fun!!!

    1. I hardly wear any jewelry except for earrings. They are definitely my accent – and I have loads. I used to be known for big earrings, but ever since a piercer told me they were going to rip I’ve stuck to studs. I love me some cute earrings.

    2. In autumn I look forward to EVERYTHING. But I would say haunted houses. I loved being scared, and it’s so nostalgic for me. My dad would always, always take me when I was little.

    3. I don’t really listen to podcasts, but I do watch a lot of Ted Talks on Netflix. They probably have a podcast, right?

    4. When I’m stressed I treat myself to a coffee. A chocolatey, minty, iced mocha. If that doesn’t help, I call my mom.

    5. The Sandlot

    • THE SANDLOT! Just bought it on DVD! And rings to me are what earrings are to you (if that sentence even made sense). And your comment just reminded me to finally email you!!!

  • This is so great! I think I want to start doing something like this on my blog, too. (: Below are my answers:

    1. I do wear jewelry! Daily staples include arm candy and a watch.
    2. Autumn tradition: cuddling in bed and watching a movie with a cup of coffee in hand.
    3. I like to listen to this podcast of a large church I follow. It’s called “willow creek.”
    4. When I’m stressed, I immdeitally turn to “Gossip GIrls,” on Netflix. Funny, right? It reminds me that girls can be powerful — and look good while so, too.
    5. My favorite childhood movie: Now & Then.

    Your newest follower,

    • Girls CAN be powerful and look good. I love that! Willow Creek is awesome! I know the creative director there! Loved hearing from you!

  • Hi there! I LOVE that you do this!! such a cute idea.
    one // I wear my wedding band and engagement ring and my pearl earrings from my mother. I also wear the citizens watch my mother-in-law gave me when I remember to put it on.
    two // I love taking hikes in the autumn. To be among the falling leaves and experience all the different changing colors just moves me so much!
    three // I actually don’t listen to podcasts, I would listen to them sparingly when I had time to but if I do listen to them they are of old sermons from matt chandler at the village church.
    four // oh when I am stressed I make lists and start with the easiest chore on the list first and work on crossing things off from there and usually when I see that I am getting things done I feel less stressed.
    five // I absolutely loved any disney princess movie but if I had to pick one it would have to be Aladdin because I just loved singing along to all the songs.
    Melissa @ melandbrent.blogspot.com

    • Wow this is soooo belated but thanks for chatting! I ALSO make lists. And then lists for my lists for my lists…. hahaha.

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