Catching Up

This post is one of the first posts (in almost 5 years of blogging) where I feel like I’m catching up with an old friend. I sat down to blog yesterday and realized there were things that I wanted to share. Nothing important, really. But I stayed off Twitter and even Instagram most of the weekend and so it makes connecting on Monday all the sweeter! Here’s what’s been happening in my life – feel free to share about yours in the comment section too!

  • I had such a fun day on Adam’s birthday. I can’t really speak for him but I think he did too! I got him a Macbook Air (his old, old Macbook was starting to really slow down his workflow) and surprised him with it in the morning. We got lunch, shopped and then got a hotel room downtown that evening. So nice to spend time away from work the entire day.
  • I worked out twice this past weekend. That’s huge for me. I let exercise take the back burner every.single.year and I’m not going to let it happen again. I’m attending my first group fitness class tomorrow and I’m already nervous. Good thing my brother is the one teaching it!
  • I have a babillion (I got that word from my friend Whitney) things to do and have a feeling this week is going to be epic. I’ll be launching 3 client blog/sites before October 1st and I’m PSYCHED!
  • I also had 4 photoshoots on Sunday and they all turned out beautifully. All different and unique. The photo above is one of the photos I shot. A pumpkin spice latte on the first day of fall. You can’t get anymore Pinterest than that!
  • Oh also, Adam and I watched through the first two seasons of Scandal. OMG THAT SHOW! Are you a tv watcher? We don’t have cable so I usually wait til Fridays to catch up on all my shows on Hulu+. I kind of like not being restricted by tv show schedules but can’t handle spoilers on Twitter.
  • Even though I love the weeks – I’m excited for Friday. My new iPhone 5S delivers AND we leave for a weekend in Chicago. I’ll see my sister, parents, best friend Jen and her family AND my Haute Blog partner.

So yeah. Life is awesome and busy. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Later this week I’ll be blogging about what I wish I had known in collegd, a nerdy blogger tip on how to get more traffic and my current makeup favorites.

September 23, 2013