A New Season

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware of the seasons in our lives. Sometimes it’s centered around a job, or it’s seasons literally changing. It can even be the rise or dissipation of certain relationships. As we move into September and fall I’m realizing that I’m ready for a change. I’m going to be expanding into most of these things later this month but here’s a simple list of my autumn goals:

  • Get into shape. Exercise routinely. See change in my body. My personal training sessions start this week.
  • I’m implementing a VERY different work schedule this month. It won’t be easy. More on that tomorrow.
  • After discovering Into Mind, I’m completely re-vamping my wardrobe. Simplicity is the theme. In October I’ll be sharing my approach to this method. In the meantime, I still have 14 more pieces for sale until tonight at 9pm EST over on my Shop My Closet Instagram sale
  • Spend more time in the kitchen and less time in line at Chipotle. I forget how good a home-cooked meal can be. I’m aiming at 4 dinners at home during the week.
  • Equal romance to co-working ratio. I work with my husband full-time and in a way…it can kind of be a romance-killer if you let it. I’m not going to let it.

Like I said, more details on those (pretty huge) goals throughout the month. What about you? Are you looking for changes in your life?

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  • This month I’m focusing on doing the things that make me feel like I have myself together. learning to actually keep a schedule (which I’m finding is crucial to balancing freelance + full time job). Keep my house clean and actually cook. The trick for me will be finding a way to do all this, but still try to remember it’s okay to spend a little time on the couch with the husband.

    • Sounds like we are battling similar routine challenges!! Let me know if you find any time management tips or have any advice once you find a groove. And yes – time on the couch with our husbands is key!!

  • This month is the beginning of a transition for me so it’ll be interesting to see what changes in the next thirty days. I’ve become so aware of the changes around me as I get older as well. Sometimes it’s hard to adjust but in the end it’s worth it.

    • I agree. I also have a hard time when I’m anticipating change (vs it sneaking up on me). Good luck with your transition, Angel!

  • Wonderful goals Allie!

  • Lovely picture & excited about your goal-setting! I like reading about how other people approach their goal-setting since I’m in a year where I’m doing a lot of that myself :)

    I need some tips on how to simplify my wardrobe, so I can’t wait for that post! I just have a hard time letting go of my clothes! Sigh.

    • Thanks Alyssa! It’s nice to have blogger friend support too :)

      I’m excited to share my wardrobe post too! I’m selling lots of stuff to start building since I’m on a spending freeze still but it can be a pretty big investment…

  • I actually love the fall because I feel like it’s a new beginning for me. So, I totally get it.

  • Thanks for sharing that INTO MIND website… Haven’t spent a ton of time on the site, but from what I’ve seen already… it’s going to be a great resources as I’m trying to curate an intentional wardrobe.

  • I looove Into Mind!! Yes!! We had a huge garage sale with my parents and both Adam and Mom were like “you are getting rid of this?! It’s so cute!” Over and over again. It was a good practice in discipline. It has definitely changed how I shop. Now I just research instead of shop.. :-) heh. I go through seasons like this and this year has been a huge one, ever refreshing. I also LOVE the blogs Becoming Minimalist, Miss Minimalist, Zen Habits, and The Minimalists.

    • Isn’t it amazing?? I just basically sold all my clothes on my Instagram sale and am so excited to start fresh and actually have a PURPOSE when I’m out shopping. I’m going to a preview party of our new Nordstrom Rack tonight and am taking the money I made from selling my old stuff and now I know what to actually look for. Thanks for sharing those other sites!

  • i think these are great things to do. i am pumped to hear about how you’re simplifying your wardrobe because i am totally on that wavelength right now.

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