Weapons of Mass Creation






Some snapshots from our weekend at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. It was awesome. Read what we learned here.

Oh and our friend Brandon KILLED it as a speaker. Seriously proud.

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Comments (9)

  • Ahhhh, I love things like this! Way cool!

  • Great photos Allison!! Glad to have you back this year.

  • It was so great to meet you at WMC Fest! And how amazing was Ink Wars? What an awesome way to end the weekend.

    • I was crazy surprised how awesome it was. We were honestly about to go grab dinner but decided to peak upstairs.

      Ended up being one of my favorite moments!

    • SO wonderful to see you too! And ink wars was so fun. I want to do that here in Columbus!!

  • So this is totally random… but I just found your blog through my friend Kara’s blog (I Just Might Explode), where you had commented on her post last year doing a visual interview of my close friend Ashley (Brooke Toussant Biger) that you had attended WMC Fest, so I popped on over here to see what you have going on! I’m an Ohio gal too, and attended WMC for the 4 time this year. Anyways…. I just wanted to say hi and sort of extend a virtual hand to meet you!

    • Hey Mandi!! Yay Ohio! I love Kara too. What a small world. Wish we could have connected at WMC! What part of Ohio are you located?

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