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Why yes, this is a blog post about toys. Thanks for noticing. But not just any toys. Toys that I specifically played with as a kid (and loved with all my heart). I get pretty nostalgic but have an awful memory. So when I looked up “1990 toys” on Pinterest/Google, my mind exploded. I had forgotten about some of these things and had to blog about them.

  1. Rock Tumbler. I was able to take the generic, crappy rocks out of my parents’ landscaping and make them glossy. Yes please.
  2. Teddy Ruxpin. I believe he came with a tape player near his butt? I dug it.
  3. Polly Pocket. I would legitimately buy Polly Pockets today if they were as cool as they were then.
  4. Puppy Surprise! It’s how I truly understood the anatomy of animals.
  5. Littlest Pet Shop. I loved my toys to have toys. And accessories. So Littlest Pet Shop was my jam.
  6. Tamagotchi! I also had a Nano Pet but I loved my Tamagotchi more. (Don’t tell!)
  7. Necklaces that were also filled with bubbles. Obviously.
  8. Those sticky hands that we’d fling onto the wall and ceiling ultimately making our mom so mad.

What were your favorite toys?

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Comments (8)

  • I still have my Teddy Ruxpin in storage. I had all of the tapes and books that came along with him and I think I played with that guy for hours! :) Polly Pockets and my many Tomagotchi pets were pretty awesome too.

    • I think my mom kept a lot of my toys. I need to ask!! I’d love to see them all. They make Polly Pockets so large now!!

  • Also went through a Tomagotchi period and loved it, but I think some of my favorite toys were Mighty Max and Z-Bots & Mini Zs (little Z-bots). However, I never loved any toy as much as I loved my Legos.

    Also, and I just have to say this because I may never get the chance again, Stretch Armstrong and his dog Fetch Armstrong were weird and broke all the time and they felt gross.

    • Hahahaha. I love that. Also I was a Lincoln Logs gal. My bff’s kiddo was playing with them the other day and I made so many legit cabins. Legos also rock but no one ever bought them for me.

  • LITTLEST PET SHOP. So much better back then than they are today! Remember Puppy/Kitty In My Pocket?

  • OH MY GOSH. Are you serious with this?! This just made my day. Serious waves of nostalgia happening over here. I had all of these except 1 and 5, and I pretending not to be jealous of my friends on the school blue who played with their tomagotchis. Oh man.

    • Your parents are grateful that you never had a rock tumbler. Those things were LOUD haha. True story – I also had a nano pet. I clearly was obsessed with small virtual animals.

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