Spending Less

It must be the time of year. I went on a 60 day spending freeze in August last year and I’m at it again. I must do a lot of spending between the holidays and now. Funny how that works. August must be my, “Oh my gosh stop spending so much money” spell. So here we go. These are the rules:

  1. I’m allowing myself to keep up with my bi-weekly gel manicures. Because I make the rules, okay? Plus my nail tech Julie is awesome and I’d miss her.
  2. No shopping for clothes, purses, shoes, makeup, home decor or unnecessary office supplies.
  3. No unnecessary travel (I’ll be going to Cleveland this weekend for WMC Fest and Chicago/Indianapolis for Haute Blog).
  4. Adam and I budget weekly for occasional social events + eating out and we’ll continue to do so.

In the past 12 months – Adam and I have done a lot of traveling and for the first time ever I invested a lot of money into my business (in the form of camera gear). While I don’t regret any of it – it’s financially draining and I’m okay with practicing some self-control in the fall/winter months.

But despite the financial ease that a spending freeze brings – I’m also very looking forward to the emotional challenge too. I’m an emotional spender. When I work a crazy week, I shop. When I’m in a creative rut, I start browsing J.Crew online. When money is tight, I still think shopping is a good idea (worst idea ever)?

So, here I am again Internet friends. Sharing my weakness and hoping to feel some sense of accountability over the next 2 months. Here are some ways I plan to curb that shopping desire:

  • Perhaps an Instagram “Shop My Closet/House” sale? I’ve heard great things and horror stories on how those all go down. Thoughts?
  • Swap books via snail mail. I’m shipping my copy of Sharp Objects to Melissa this week!
  • Opt for an afternoon at the park, a long walk with Adam or a workout when I’m itching to spend. I hardly do any of those things these days.
  • Adam just made a gallon of cold brew coffee yesterday! While we love to support our local coffee shops, I spend A LOT at coffeeshops.
  • Visit the Columbus Museum of Art a lot (we’re members).
  • Enter a lot of blog giveaways (ha) and hope that I get Everlane credits?
  • Actually iron half of my clothes (which will double my wardrobe).

Anyone else on a spending freeze? How often do you enforce them? Ever see a pattern? Here’s to responsibility! 

August 13, 2013