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I fell in love with Bloglovin’ last night. I’m seriously always late to the party. I spent a better portion of my evening catching up on all my old favorite blogs. Many of them were literally the first blogs that I regularly read. Many inspired me to get back into photography. They were blogs about beauty. No giveaways. No hype. Nothing but beauty, really. Here are just a few:

I had imported my Google Reader feed into Bloglovin’ years ago and am so impressed with how it has evolved since I last logged on. I also realized that I had my blog listed under the wrong (old) name and was following blogs from a different account entirely. Oy.

So follow my blog with Bloglovin and leave a link to yours below so I can follow YOU!

*PS: Links in comments sometimes keep them in moderation but I’ll be sure to approve them all asap!

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