How Do You Keep A Calendar?

When Adam and I started working together full-time, syncing our calendars was one of the first things that we did. It was sort of a debacle. I honestly don’t even know how we did it but it went a little something like this:

  • We had years of synced calendars through iCal
  • We wanted to switch to Google Cal
  • So we exported each individual calendar in iCal
  • Then we imported each calendar into our new Google Cal (via Google Apps for Business)
  • Once that was all set up and synced, we imported the entire Google Cal back INTO iCal so we can always view/add via our iPhones

Woof. I don’t think I could replicate it again if I wanted to. The good news: it all works. We have 5 “users” established and color coded:

  1. Allie – Business
  2. Allie – Personal
  3. Adam – Business
  4. Adam – Personal
  5. The Lehmans

How do YOU do your calendar? Paper and pen? iCal? Outlook? Google? A combination of them all? Do you share with a significant other?


August 7, 2013