Here We Go: Canva

Canva Design Platform

I know I haven’t done many Here We Go posts lately but I figured if I were to resurrect the series, it should be for Canva. I’ve been chatting with Hannah from Canva (oh a rhyme!) for months now. We’re partnering with them for our Haute Blog workshops this fall (in Chicago and Indianapolis) and they just launched their beta! I received access to it awhile ago and have been SOOO impressed.

I am always saying, “Blogging doesn’t have to break the bank,” and Canva is that solution. It’s a free design platform that isĀ perfect for blogging. I made the graphic up at the top in like…2 minutes. No lie. I also thought I’d share a few screenshots of the process too:

Canva 1


I decided to choose the photo collage option and kind of wing it. I liked the circular type element and so I clicked on it (over on the left) and it appeared on my workspace.


I clicked over to the backgrounds option and clicked on the pink texture. I deleted the photo placeholders and bingo! Very intuitive.



I changed the color of the circle, the fonts and could arrange any part wherever I wanted.


When you choose to publish (or you can share a public link), it asks you if you want a PNG or a PDF. I saved to my desktop and used it above!

It’s really that easy and Canva did not ask me to write this post. I wanted to share the love and encourage you bloggers to request a username! Also, if you attend our Chicago or Indianapolis Haute Blog workshop – you will receive your own account! No wait list for you!

*Also, the colors do seem a bit off after I exported it but I’m going to follow up to see where the issue is coming from! Gotta love beta!

August 27, 2013