Death to the Stock Photo


I started a side project with my friend David a couple months ago. It’s called Death to the Stock Photo. I mentioned it in a previous post but thought I’d share some more info! You can sign up here and once a month you’ll receive 10 free high-res photos that fit within a certain theme. This month’s (the email went out yesterday) theme was centered around the coffeeshop. July’s theme was “Brick and Mortar.”

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We’re excited about it because the community around this movement is growing and we’ve had GREAT feedback so far. All email subscribers who receive the monthly pack are free to do whatever they want with the photos. David and I shoot each photo pack strategically for things like blog posts, text overlay and mockups.


And just because you missed August’s pack doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sign up NOW. Pssttt: we’re going to be emailing out a bonus pack each month on a random day so GO SIGN UP NOW and share with your friends.

August 2, 2013