• Feeling sluggish because I keep eating crap. As an adult I’ve found that my energy levels are very closely tied to my diet. Today I choose effort over laziness. Even though eating pizza for every meal is delicious.
  • Letting that sluggish feeling hinder my creativity. Because, naps.
  • Trying not to work on my laptop as much. Carpal tunnel is real.
  • Tired of my highlights/ombre and will probably get back to my original color soon.
  • Wearing a Tattly on my forearm. Which makes me want a real tattoo. But who am I kidding. I could never commit to that.
  • Feeling embarrassed because none of the things I’ve listed above are real problems.

Get it together, Lehman!

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  • I took my time to do my tattoos, but now, I’m addicted to it -but most people who go down this path have this same problem.

    And yes, the things I eat will absolutely dictate my rhythm throughout the day. Oh, if I do any exercise in the morning (specially Cardio), I also work and feel much better all day.

    • So far so good on the food front today. I need to get into a better exercise routine too. I’m the worst at that!!

  • I am the same way about tattoos. I always wear fake ones (or cover myself in henna or sharpie) and then want a real one! But honestly I could never commit either. Every time I take a photograph, or draw something, or make any kind of art (which is often since my major is studio art with a minor in photo) there is always something I don’t like about it. Always one small detail I don’t love. And I know it’d be the same if I got a tattoo.

  • I love Tattly tattoos. I’ve been swooning over the arrows and just have never gotten around to ordering because I would order far more than I should. *sigh* And that’s my not-real problem for the day.

  • dude. i just ate a tiny bag of chili-something-or-other dorritos. okay it wasn’t that tiny. i tried to say no. not that hard. but i tried. okay, admitting that felt good.

  • for a half second, i was like “WHAT?! TATTOO!?”

    …and then i thought, no way, i bet she got bored and drew herself a tattoo. then i actually read the post (you know, which is helpful in these situations). lol.

  • I love tattoos– on other people. I still haven’t found something I am passionate about having on my body forever. My nose ring is 5 yrs and counting… so maybe someday.

    Also– sometimes you need that reminder– that you are what you eat and what you eat feeds yours mind, body and soul and your mind, body and soul feeds your creativity…

    You rock. Sluggish or not!

    • That’s how I feel about tattoos now. I appreciate them but it’s just not in the cards for me right now. Love that about what you eat feeding more than your body.

      And thanks :) You rock too. Coffee soon?

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