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I made a collage for fun the other night while I was experimenting with different brushes in Illustrator. I’ve enjoyed getting back to drawing lately. You can see my sketches from the other day here on my Instagram account. I decided that since I was on a spending freeze – I should draw everything on my wish list. It was quite therapeutic. What else has been catching my eye?

  • Summer-esque images. For awhile the temperatures were really cool. I got used to it but lately it’s been closer to 90 degrees and I’m crushing on summer again. I think I need to hit up a pool or a lake this weekend.
  • Brushes, pens and markers. I’ve enjoyed making marks, drawing and sketching lately. Whether I’m using my Micron pens in my Moleskine or testing out brushes with my Wacom tablet – it’s good to get back to the basics.
  • Cigarettes and tattoos. I’m definitely not edgy but I notice those who are. The truth is is that I love the smell of cigarettes outside. And I drool over a lady with a gorgeous tattoo sleeve.

Not pictured: Type Is Sweet, Story of a Designer’s Life, I support crushes on Lake Bell, this Maison Scotch Ikat scarf for fall, and all the vectors.

What has caught your eye lately? Any trends? Products? Ideas? I want to hear about it all!

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Comments (10)

  • It’s been rainy and dreary this summer, quite different from the usual hot and humid Virginia summers. Makes me kind of sad that Fall is just around the corner. I’ve always admire ladies who can pull off a tattoo sleeve. Would they ever work on me? Probably not, but still love them!!

    • It’s finally hot and humid here and I’m not loving it (or my hair). I still look forward to the next season no matter what. I think it’s all nostalgia!

  • I’m also drooling over that lady’s arm. I’ve been holding myself to not do something similar, in order to keep my mom in good health. lol She hates tattoos and I already have one taking half of my back, ankles, both arms…

    • Isn’t it gorgeous. Swoon. I think if I ever did get a tattoo it would be my wedding band first and then maybe near my ribs (ow)!

  • I should be on a spending freeze, but I got promoted the other day and so gifted myself a David Yurman ring I have been thinking about for at least two years. In other not so drastic drooling, I’ve been practicing my handwriting in a new notebook I bought at an amazing paper shop in Paris. Someday I’ll figure out my actual style, but for now, I’m loving filling it up with whatever words come to mind!

  • this is such an amazing moodboard! you are definitely an incredible designer! i loved seeing your doodles on instagram:)

  • All I do is pin tattoos and rockabilly clothing, all day every day. I love tattoos. I really want a shoulder piece or a single line in my grandmother’s handwriting on my forearm, but I need to work up the nerve to get there. Corporate America is really putting a damper on my aesthetic! Haha

    • Haha I love it!! I decided that I once I think of something that I want tattooed… I’ll sit on it for a year and if I still want it, I might get it on my ribs or something (ouch). Ease into it versus getting one on my arm.

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