Catching My Eye

I made a collage for fun the other night while I was experimenting with different brushes in Illustrator. I’ve enjoyed getting back to drawing lately. You can see my sketches from the other day here on my Instagram account. I decided that since I was on a spending freeze – I should draw everything on my wish list. It was quite therapeutic. What else has been catching my eye?

  • Summer-esque images. For awhile the temperatures were really cool. I got used to it but lately it’s been closer to 90 degrees and I’m crushing on summer again. I think I need to hit up a pool or a lake this weekend.
  • Brushes, pens and markers. I’ve enjoyed making marks, drawing and sketching lately. Whether I’m using my Micron pens in my Moleskine or testing out brushes with my Wacom tablet – it’s good to get back to the basics.
  • Cigarettes and tattoos. I’m definitely not edgy but I notice those who are. The truth is is that I love the smell of cigarettes outside. And I drool over a lady with a gorgeous tattoo sleeve.

Not pictured: Type Is Sweet, Story of a Designer’s Life, I support crushes on Lake Bell, this Maison Scotch Ikat scarf for fall, and all the vectors.

What has caught your eye lately? Any trends? Products? Ideas? I want to hear about it all!

August 28, 2013