Working On My Business

The Wonder Jam

Yesterday (while running on only a few hours of sleep) I decided to work ON my business(es) instead of IN my business(es). It’s a great piece of advice. One that I often hear on the internets but don’t ever do. Adam and I began working together full-time this spring and it’s been a pretty huge adjustment. I quit my office job back in August 2012 to do my own thang. And while not trying to sound egotistical, I’ve done really well. I’m proud of myself because lord knows there were many sleepless nights, crying + pulling out of the hairs. Once Adam joined me – I realized I had to have more of a method than “winging it” or keeping ideas tucked away in my brain.

I’m happy to say that we found our stride in July. Things are going really well. We’re bringing on new clients and I feel like our “bucket of ideas” is overflowing daily. Our full site is now live (but could still be propagating so my apologies if you see our old one) and I finally ordered business cards yesterday. We have a sales process. We have branded Keynotes. We’re getting all new contracts written. We know how to party hard!

But in all seriousness, I’m excited for it to feel a bit more stable. I trust Adam with everything and there have been weeks this summer where I’m able to slack a bit and focus on other things. If you like keeping tabs, here’s what I’ve been working on:

  • Death to the Stock Photo: We sent out our first email with 10 photos yesterday. It was a hit! 
  • Haute Blog workshops: Erika and I took a trip to Indianapolis this week to meet with Pattern + more sponsors. We’re excited to host a relatively large workshop there in the fall and we’ve got an August 10th workshop in Chicago!
  • Considering You: Since our new site launched we’ve been getting inquires from sponsors and potential contributors (which is exciting!)
  • More fun (smaller) collaborations to come!

I’m ready for the weekend + the fact that we’re headed to the lakehouse at the end of the month. I feel ghostly. And I need vitamin D. How are things going with you all? 

July 12, 2013