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I haven’t had much to say lately. I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up since our New York City trip. So instead, I’m going to share my stream of consciousness in bullet points:

  • It’s hard being an entrepreneur. Sometimes you don’t want to find new clients. Or sell your services. Or invoice and organize the books. 
  • I forgot to choose 3 new things to try this month. I think I’m going to try to just do all the things I need to do.
  • We splurged + hired a cleaning service to deep clean our townhouse and it single handedly made me feel like a normal human being.
  • Lately I’ve realized that I need to put my head down and read more. That means taking a break from social media and even working sometimes.
  • I lost my voice for a week and realized just how much I talk.
  • I really want to bring something unique to this space. Currently brainstorming. And taking suggestions.

What have you been up to?


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Comments (12)

  • I just bit the bullet and launched my new site + offering for writers, and I completely identify with thought #1 – it is super tough putting yourself out there and selling yourself every day! Hope your voice is feeling better x

    • Isn’t it? It can be exhausting. Next month will be my one year business anniversary!! So crazy. Congrats on launching your new site!!! It looks amazing!

  • If you want to bring something unique, I’ve heard a baby is pretty one-of-a-kind.

  • It’s going to be a few months, but when we move into a new home I am definitely thinking about having a deep cleaning service come in and take over the new house before the stuff goes in it!

  • A deep cleaning service sounds amazing! I always feel as if I should splurge and do it once but I get antsy and put the rubber gloves on myself. I definitely at #1 today. I just want it all to be done with but it’s worth it in the end.

    • I feel ya. I put off cleaning for so long that I couldn’t even look at the place. Keep going with the work stuff. But taking a break can also help.

  • SOO appreciate your honesty, Allie! It’s refreshing to see that the rest of us entrepreneurs aren’t in a boat alone – it’s tiring to always be out there “hustling” for work & you just need time to relax once in a while. Good for you for taking a break here & there from social media & diving into an actual book compared to social media… wait, a book with real pages, what’s that? ;)

    • It is exhausting!! My 1-year self-employed anniversary is next month and I can’t believe it. And seriously…real pages. It’s crazy :)

  • All I can say is: I agree so (freaking) much with all you said!
    The entrepreneurship thing can be hard; I also desperately need to read a book and relax more -I absolutely need time off the internet and social media; I also talk a whole lot (not a great thing, at times).

    I might just be your evil twin! lol :)

    • Evil twin, FTW! It’s hard to relax when you know you can push for more business, isn’t it? But we’ll go crazy if we don’t!

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