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I love the word FRESH. So fresh, so clean. Fresh to death. Refresh. I love the phrases. I love the word itself. It’s how I feel about this week. A fresh start after 10 days of family time (I went to my parents’, my sister visited, my parents visited, Adam’s family visited) and it was refreshing. It felt like everyone took a long holiday and now we’re all back at it.

We love Mondays. So much so that my husband created a community around it. Sucker Punch Monday (join here).

Here’s how I’m dominating Monday:

  1. I slowly started cutting out sugar all weekend (except the daily trip to Jeni’s with the family). I’m fully in it starting today. You can read about how I cut out sugar last year here. It’s crazy how fast it re-enters your life. 
  2. I’m kicking off 3 new projects (one is a new client, the other is a side project and the last will be launching an existing client’s new blog!)
  3. I’m going to the grocery store so I we don’t spend outside of our budget by eating out. I’m trying this new thing called SAVING.
  4. Feeling proud of the new Considering You re-design that we launched today. Check it out.
  5. I’m sending out letters to those that I love.

How are you feeling? What are you doing? 

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Comments (18)

  • Let’s get together soon. I feel like I see you in random spurts! The Considering You redesign looks awesome, by the way.

    • Yes please! We do see each other in random spurts haha. And thank you! Glad you like the new site :)

  • I feel the same way! After being away from work a couple days and getting to spend lots of time with my husband, I feel ready to get at it this morning :) And I concur with Jess, the new site design is awesome!!!

  • I wish I had your enthusiasm about starting fresh this week! Instead I’m just avoiding my inbox and downing coffee like there’s no tomorrow…

    But the new design looks great my dear, and good luck with your no-sugar diet. I have to give you major props for that one ;) xoxo

    • Aw I’ve had a lot of coffee too. Totally understand. And I stayed up way too late last night and overslept. Ah oh well. Are weekends usually crazy for you with wedding stuff? And thank you re: new design. You’re the best.

  • Word of the month is “team.”

    Working together well helps everyone fly further, faster.

    We can combines our words to create a “fresh team.” You down?

  • I’ve decided to start fresh on Tuesday this week, as today I have so far had to admit to a big messy mistake at work, sat in a wet spot leaving two giant wet patches on my butt, and then spilled salsa all down the front of my dress.

    • You most definitely should start fresh on Tuesday. The wet butt is just not fun. I hope you were able to change and that Tuesday is spotless :)

  • I was just going to say, I’d like to work on doing the same, but summertime ice cream is such a traditional treat… Then I clicked the links, lol!

    I saw your pic on the weekend about curbing sugar with carbonated water… I might have to try the same with my sweet tooth! Perrier Grapefruit is delicious.

    • Yep. Ice cream is the summer is the best! I usually try to eliminate sugar for about 2 weeks and then add it back in for only the things I really love (like Jeni’s). But I was starting to drink pop again (I can’t deny a diet coke with lime) and too much dessert. I’ll have to try the Perrier Grapefruit!

  • I adore 4 and 5! You are crazy talented.

    I am busy with work and personal projects and studies. Oh joys.

    • Aw thaaaanks Ashlee! xo Good luck with everything on your plate. Be sure to share fun personal projects :)

  • Seriously considering cutting out sugar myself – it just needs to happen.

    • It’s been over a week and I feel so much better! If you haven’t – check out Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar eBook!

  • Glad I am not the only one who LOVES the word fresh. Such a wonderful world.
    Love your blog! I just found it and I’m followin on Bloglovin’ :) Excited for more posts!

    Juliette Laura

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