So Fresh


I love the word FRESH. So fresh, so clean. Fresh to death. Refresh. I love the phrases. I love the word itself. It’s how I feel about this week. A fresh start after 10 days of family time (I went to my parents’, my sister visited, my parents visited, Adam’s family visited) and it was refreshing. It felt like everyone took a long holiday and now we’re all back at it.

We love Mondays. So much so that my husband created a community around it. Sucker Punch Monday (join here).

Here’s how I’m dominating Monday:

  1. I slowly started cutting out sugar all weekend (except the daily trip to Jeni’s with the family). I’m fully in it starting today. You can read about how I cut out sugar last year here. It’s crazy how fast it re-enters your life. 
  2. I’m kicking off 3 new projects (one is a new client, the other is a side project and the last will be launching an existing client’s new blog!)
  3. I’m going to the grocery store so I we don’t spend outside of our budget by eating out. I’m trying this new thing called SAVING.
  4. Feeling proud of the new Considering You re-design that we launched today. Check it out.
  5. I’m sending out letters to those that I love.

How are you feeling? What are you doing? 

July 8, 2013