Let’s Get Coffee

Okay, well I suppose we can’t really get coffee. Most of you live too far away from Columbus, Ohio. So how about a virtual coffee date? Just like last week – I want to hear from YOU. But let’s keep it light and fun. Answer any (or all) of the following questions in the comment section!

  1. Have you read any good books lately? Do share!
  2. How often do you see your family?
  3. What movie could you watch over and over?
  4. What website sucks you in? 

My answers?

I’m currently reading The Shining Girls (as I mentioned before) and it’s very different. Before that, I read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn within 48 hours.

I see my (intermediate) family about 4-6 times a year. They live in Illinois and it’s about a 6 hour drive. Between vacations, trips there, them visiting and other family events – it works!

I could watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind + Despicable Me every day.

Honestly? Wikipedia. Sounds dorky but I end up looking up casts of tv shows and ultimately reading about how many marriages some random actor has had…

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!

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Comments (75)

  • 1 – I’m a high fantasy lover and general fiction. The one is Flame Of Sevenwaters from Juliet Marillier. Before that, I was reading Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories.

    2 – My family lives overseas. Last time I saw them was almost 10 years ago.

    3 – Practical Magic, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit)… as I said, high fantasy lover (AKA geek).

    4 – Quite a few. I’d say sites like Dribbble and Behance often makes hoooooours of my day disappear!

    • Wow! 10 years ago? Do you guys get to Skype often? And I totally agree about Dribbble. I’m usually drooling.

  • Hmmm I love this idea. AND I’m actually truthfully honestly drinking my coffee right now!

    Recently I read the book SERENA by Ron Rash. The movie is coming out in September starring Jennifer Lawrence (love JLaw) and I have a rule: book first, then movie. I had to wait a week to see Hunger Games while I made time to finish the book so I’m happy to say I am able to see this one on opening day! It’s a character unlike any character Jennifer Lawrence has played.

    My immediate family lives within 30 minutes of me. I see them about once every two or so weeks, but talk to them much more often.

    I love the movie Garden State. I can basically quote it, and while it has no apparent plot, it has some hilarious moments and some really interesting quotes. Good luck in the infinite abyss!

    I could browse Alisa Burke’s old posts forever and ever, over and over. She is one of my favorite artists and humans, and her art inspires me to be messy and creative and find my own voice as an artist. I’m still working on that last part. Her website is at http://www.alisaburke.blogspot.com. I want to take one of her in-person classes one day. Saving up!

    PS. Love this coffee date idea. Let’s do this more often!

    • Hi Audrey!

      So nice to get coffee with you :) I agree with you – LOVE JLaw. I do it differently though – I watch movies first and THEN the book. Since I love books always over movies, I figure I should enjoy the movie first haha. Horrible, I know.

      Totally checking out Alisa’s blog now!! Thanks for sharing, lady!

  • This is fun!

    I just finished reading Love with A Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRouche. It was so great – a memoir that chronicled her time at sea with her love. Her blog’s pretty awesome too — http://www.fearfuladventurer.com. Highly recommended!

    I get to see my sister every single day (we’re roommates) and the rest of my immediate family once a month or so – they live four hours away from me.

    Honestly, I can (and have) watched the movie How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days about 7 billion times. That, and Pitch Perfect. My movie taste has not changed since 8th grade, obviously. :)

    I’m going to echo Kelly above – Dribble is an easy one to get lost in (especially if you add the Benchwarmer Chrome Extension – it pulls the popular Dribble posts into a collage on new tabs!). The other one I got lost in last night was http://www.fortydaysofdating.com – it’s a gorgeous site chronicling such an interesting experiment. Check it out! :)

    Really love this idea! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time but I think this my first comment.

    Have a great week!

    • Hi Erika!

      Lovely getting coffee with you ;)

      I just watched Pitch Perfect the other day and I loooove it. So fun. Also wish I lived with MY sister but she’s only 15.

      I just found 40 Days of Dating too and got sucked in. SO interesting. And I’m glad you decided to comment!! Poking around on your blog and I love it!

  • love this!!
    1. Book I’m currently reading (series actually) are the outlander series. THEY ARE AWESOME. And the great thing about them is that there are 8 of them. So when you finish one you don’t feel SO sad that it’s over.

    2. We live about 45 minutes from my family right now, so we see them every week or every other week (it’s kind of a lot for my liking). My husband’s family lives up in Nashville, so we see them about every other month. It’s only a 1.5 hour drive from us right now.

    3. Man, any chick flick (because they are so mindless!). I am not a big movie buff and we don’t own any movies so this one is kind of hard for me.

    4. I’ll be honest, pinterest is my time sucker. I am such a visual person that I LOVE all of the visual overload!

    love the coffee date idea! too much fun.

    • Hi Meghan! Great hearing from you! Love chatting on Twitter. I’ve heard amazing things about the Outlander series. I need to check it out.

      We don’t own any movies either (except like, Titanic. Which I bought back in the day.

      Pinterest TOTALLY sucks me in. UGH. haha

  • I love these posts :) So fun!

    1. I read Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan at the end of last year and I still can’t get over how incredible it was. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I can, it is seriously amazing. I also just finished We Need to Talk About Kevin (about seven years after everyone else!) – heavy-going, but a brilliant read.

    2. I probably see my family (close and extended) the same amount as you. They live about six hours drive away and it’s hard to find the time (I know, so awful). I would like to see them more often, but it’s not really viable at the moment (especially since they don’t often make the trip up here!).

    3. The History Boys. No question about it. It’s my favourite movie, it’s so beautiful and it makes me cry. Alan Bennett is a true master of his craft, and although I’ve seen the play version a couple of times, the movie will always have my heart. Plus, it’s cute boys quoting poetry in Sheffield accents – my favourite thing!

    4. Buzzfeed. All the animal GIFs – there’s no resisting that kind of temptation! My brother is definitely a Wikipedia fiend though – it means he’s really good at pub quizzes!

    • Glad you like them, Liz!!

      Definitely going to check out Sweet Tooth. I’ve also heard great things about We Need to Talk About Kevin.

      It is hard to find time to drive 12+ hours in a weekend. We try to meet up in Indy (halfway) or take turns making the trip. It’s just close enough that flying doesn’t make sense either (cost-wise).

  • i agree that these posts are fun :)

    1. i recently finished “into the darkest corner” by elizabeth hayes. i LOVE mysteries/thrillers, and this book did not disappoint! i powered through it in a week, which is a record for me.

    2. my immediate family is about an hour away, and i usually see them every 5-6 weeks, although lately it’s been more sporadic.

    3. there are a few movies i could watch over and over again: Jaws, The Dark Knight, Practical Magic, and Moonrise Kingdom.

    4. haha, every website seems to suck me in. probably the most is bloglovin, b/c i love catching up on blog post and discovering new blogs :)

    • I will definitely be checking out that book! I love books like that.

      We just recently saw Moonrise Kingdom and I absolutely loved it. I also love Bloglovin’ and Pinterest. Sooo addicting!

  • Thanks for the prompt, Ali! I recently stumbled upon your blog and love your writing/design work!

    I’m reading text books now for school right now :/ but also just finished The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp – a GREAT read for any creative professional.

    I see my family almost every week. I’m lucky that they all live very close!

    Lost in Translation and Almost Famous – I have a weak spot for good soundtracks!

    Design blogs and websites have been sucking me in lately. As I launch my own design shop, it’s been so inspiring and helpful to read about other designer’s businesses.

    • Thank you Anna!

      I really love your blog and shop!! I’ve heard The Creative Habit is amazing and I need to read it soon.

      OMG BOTH OF THOSE MOVIES ARE AMAZING. I love you already.

  • I just finished listening to the audiobook of Bittersweet by SHauna Niequist, and am kindof a fangirl of hers now, going out to buy the one book of hers that I haven’t read yet as soon as I finished. It’s pretty great.
    I live about 1200 miles away from my family, so usually it’s just once or twice a year, but this year I’ve already seen them twice & will see them two more times before the year is up! I guess that’s what having a baby does. :)
    I love to watch Pitch Perfect over and over. I’m not sure what that says about me, but whatever. Funniest movie.
    I’m a sucker for IMDB. Drives my husband batty because I end up paying more attention to it than whatever movie we’re watching. There’s a lot of useless info floating around in my head. :)

    • Yes! I hear having a baby DOES draw in the family :)

      That’s kind of how I use Wikipedia (like you use IMDB) and end up reading the whole plot, behind the scenes info + how much the movie made LOL. Too funny.

  • I just got back to my desk with a latte, so this is perfect! :)

    1. I’ve been so bad about reading lately. I have a long list of books I have yet to buy from Amazon. The best books I’ve read somewhat recently is “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green and “The Age of Miracles” by Karen Thompson Walker. I just started reading Chuck Klosterman’s new book, “I Wear the Black Hat” and so far, it’s really interesting.

    2. Right now I only see my family once a year, during the holidays. When I was in college, I would go home twice, possibly three times a year but flying home has gotten insanely expensive in the last couple of years. I’m the only member of my family living in the Midwest; everyone else is in Texas or Mexico, so it sucks not seeing them as often as I would like. It does help that my boyfriend’s family is here in Chicago though.

    3. I never get tired of watching “500 Days of Summer” or “Pride and Prejudice” (the 2005 version!). Those are my go-to movies when I’m home alone. I always watch them with a glass of wine and some dark chocolate.

    4. Weirdly enough, craigslist. I’m moving in October and have been somewhat obsessively searching for a new apartment in my down time.

    • Well then this coffee date is perfect!

      Also- I have all of those books on my wishlist!! We have good taste. It does help when your significant other’s family lives nearby. Adam’s family lives about 2 hours away.

      Oh and I’ve definitely done my share of browsing on Craigslist. I’ve found such good finds on there!

  • 1) No =( I try to do all the things then I don’t have time to read. I guess if you consider “lately” the last 3 years I could say “I Sold My Soul on eBay – Viewing Faith through an Atheist’s Eyes” | “World War Z” | “Death From the Skies – These are the ways the world will end”. Also anything by Vonnegut or Lewis Nordan =)
    2) Not often enough. We live on a farm so getting up to Youngstown is kind of hard sometimes. For being so big horses are awfully delicate… =/ Also I do all the things so sometimes that doesn’t leave much time for visiting (no family in Columbus anymore)
    3) Hmmmm, there are a lot of them… I’ll got a slightly different direction with this. One movie I *could* watch over and over but refuse to because I might go mad trying to understand it all is “Primer”.
    4) Wikipedia. Yes, I’m that I guy. (I literally used to sit down and read the encyclopedia when I was a kid so it’s not surprising I guess…)

    • How did you like World War Z? I just saw the movie.

      Just checked out your site- very cool! I took an equestrian class in college. Are you north or south of Youngstown?

      Haha love it. Is it weird that kids these days don’t know what Encyclopedias are?

  • 1. Last night I just finished “I’m loving you and I’m leaving you anyway” by Tracy Mcmillian. It was a fun fast read that had plenty of laughs as well as some moments that really make you think about how you are in your own relationships.

    2. I see my family at least once a month. I am in town with my family at least 1.5-2 weeks out of the months so I see them regularly which is awesome.

    3. Goonies

    4. Pinterest….ahhhhhh so many pretty things and great ideas

    • I’ll have to look that book up! I love funny books. Tina Fey’s made me laugh so stinkin’ hard.

      Ohhh Goonies – soooo good. Now I want to watch it!!

  • This book: http://www.amazon.com/Extreme-Prejudice-Terrifying-Story-Patriot/dp/1453642757

    I have been overseas so I have not saw my family in six years but I hope to this year :)

    Selena I have saw it dozens of times and it never gets old.

    Reddit so creepy

    • Hello Noor!

      LOVE your blog. And I love that you said Selena. I’ve probably seen it a dozen times too. Oh my gosh! Selenassssss.

      And yes, I was on Reddit for the first time last week. So, so crazy.

  • 1. Well…I’ve gotten totally sucked into the “Game of Thrones” series, which I wouldn’t necessarily label as good literature. But I sure am having fun reading them! The last truly fantastic book I read was “Age of Miracles,” about six months ago.

    2. My brother lives a 15-minute walk away from my house. Our parents live an hour away in CT, and our sister goes to college about two hours away. I see one or more of them a few times a month. I never want to live farther from them than this.

    3. Jurassic Park. Jaws. Dawn of the Dead (the newer one).

    4. Jezebel, BuzzFeed, Dog Shaming, Pinterest of course. Love it all!

    • I’ll add Age of Miracles to my list!! And that’s so fun that you live close to your brother. Mine lives with us right now!!

      Jurassic Park FTW! Hold on to yer butts!

  • 1. I just finished “Rules of Civility” – ones of the better novels I’ve read in awhile; it’s about a girl in NYC in the late 1930s.

    2. I see my parents about once a month, since they only live an hour away, and my sister a few times a year as she lives in another state :(

    3. When I’m stuck on what to watch, I always go back to “Love Actually.” Never gets old!

    4. Besides my biggest time suck, Pinterest, I spend most of my time reading design blogs or scouring Dribble & Behance!

    Love reading all these answers!

    • Thanks for the book recommendation. I’m loving all of peoples’ suggestions!!

      Love Actually- GREAT choice. Such a good movie even if it isn’t Christmas.

      Thanks for commenting, Laura!!

  • Such a great little column, Allie! Here’s my coffee talk…

    1. I have about 5 books waiting to be read. Such a bummer as I used to read all the time. I’m looking forward to vacation soon so I can tune out and crack a book. First up is Jon Acuff’s book, Start.

    2. My parents both live within 10 minutes of me, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how we’re getting along. Although my husband and I have dinner at my mom’s house every Monday night which is a nice weekly check-in and a treat to a really tasty meal (that I don’t have to cook myself)!

    3. Pretty much any coming of age high school movie. Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Easy A, Can’t Hardly Wait…

    4. The internet as a whole is a giant vortex for me. It’s like my crack. Once I click on something, I’m done. Several hours go by, I’m 87 sites from where I started and I’ve gotten nothing accomplished. Good times!

    • Let me know how you like Start. I need to read more too.

      That sounds so nice to have a weekly dinner! And good choices in movies. I love 16 Candles.

  • 1. Currently reading: http://www.amazon.com/Manage-Your-Day-Day-ebook/dp/B00B77UE4W/ref=dp_kinw_strp_1

    I definitely suggest checking it out sometime. A simple, quick ready for creative types, and nicely designed.

    2. A few times a year. I’d visit more, but hearing Fox News on repeat is a major annoyance. :)

    3. The Big Lebowski.

    4. I’ve been majorly obsessed with Apartment Therapy this past year. I’m definitely not preggers, but I think I’m going through some sort of nesting phase in my life where I just want a home filled with everything I need/want.

    • Supposed to say ‘quick read.’ :)

    • Haha I hear you about the Fox News thing. Oye.

      And I totally feel ya about adult nesting. It’s nice to feel more settled.

      Checking out that book NOW!! Let’s hang soon? WMC?

      • Speaking of seeing family members…

        Sadly, I can’t make it to WMC this year. I had made plans early in the year for my sister to visit from out of town on that weekend, without even realizing that they fell on the same date. It was super frustrating once I realized what I’d done, but WMC Fest will be around for a while, so I’ll just go next year!

  • Love this posts!

    1. I just finished up Divergent & Insurgent by Veronica Roth. I read both of them in about 24 hours. I can’t wait until the third one in the series comes out this Fall! Plus, Divergent is being made into a movie.
    2. About 1-2 times a month. I usually talk to my mom a couple times a week though.
    3. The Holiday. I can quote every line. I could probably recite it. Haha.
    4. Reddit. It’s a blackhole of craziness. I blame my husband.

    • I loved Divergent & Insurgent, too! I was skeptical at first that it would be too similar to The Hunger Games — but I could not put them down. Allegiant is coming out in October :) I’m a NERD, sorry.

    • I need to read these books! NOW.

      And The Holiday is one of the few DVDs that I own! I love Christmas movies of all types.

  • I love this!

    1) Most recently, Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (incredible) — and, because I couldn’t resist my curiosity I read Revenge Wears Prada because I loved the first book and movie so much. It’s fluff, just as you’d expect.
    2) Fortunately my husband and I live close to our parents and we try to see each other at least every other week for dinner. I go out for brunch with my dad on the weekends and I love that time with him.
    3) Twister, Hook, and You’ve Got Mail. No shame.
    4) Buzzfeed, forever and ever amen.

    • OH DANG. You just hit the movie jackpot in my book. I can recite all of those movies. And That Thing You Do.

      I’ve never spent time on Buzzfeed. Perhaps I should…

      Going to check out those books now. Thanks Fran!

  • I’m so glad you’ve done this again this week! So fun to see what everyone out there is up to

    1. I’m reading the last hunger games (late to the party I know) and a biography on Dave Grohl. Next up is The Cockoo’s calling (secret J.K. Rowling book) :)

    My parents live about 5 minutes away, which is really nice. We’re super close, but they don’t show up or interfere with my life. Just awesome having them there

    Currently I could watch The Perks of being a Wallflower over and over again. It feels so genuine and raw and real. The book is awesome too, if you are looking for a quick read

    OMG right now it is https://fortydaysofdating.com/ These two are totally gonna fall in love and have tons of babies (or maybe thats my hopeless romantic talking)

    Have a great week all!

    • I’m still reading the last Hunger Games too. Gotta finish that!

      That’s so great about your parents! I have friends who live that close to their families and feel the same. So wonderful.

      40 Day of Dating IS sweet! I get sucked in.

  • Oooo fun!!

    1. Interpreters of Maladies.. its a book of short stories and it’s AMAZING. It’s a short book and I read it in a day!
    2. Since I’m in school, I see my parents during breaks, but they’re moving to Korea in two weeks, so I’ll be happy if I see them once a year! yikes!
    3. My go-to movie: 27 dresses. I’ve seen that movie way too many times. Also, Pitch Perfect.
    4. BUZZFEED. hands down.

    • Oh wow! Once a year! That will be crazy. What will they be doing in Korea? Job related?

      Okay now I need to check out Buzzfeed. A lot of others have said it!

  • 1. I recently finished “The Dovekeepers” by Alice Hoffman and enjoyed it much more than I expected. I’m almost finished with George R.R. Martin’s “Dance With Dragons”, which is sad because God knows how long I’ll have to wait for the next book to come out.

    2. I live with my parents because I am very poor, so I see them regularly. My brother is still in college, and my sister lives in Arkansas. I see her about 2-3 times a year. You all who don’t get to see your families much: God bless you because that must be difficult.

    3. I will watch Chocolat any day, any time. And Serenity. And The Philadelphia Story. I’m complex in my tastes.

    4. I try to avoid the internet as much as I can, but when I’m on here, Pinterest & the blogs I follow suck up all my time.

    Fun idea, Allie!!!

    • I’ve read a book by Alice Hoffman! I really love her writing style.

      I live with my brother right now (which is awesome) but I do miss seeing my family often. My sister will probably go to Indiana Wesleyan which is closer to me than IL!

      Thanks for chatting Bree :) xo

  • 1. My mother in law just got me ‘the Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert’ and I’m about a quarter of the way in and really enjoying it. It’s heavy in a lot of ways, but certainly eye-opening.

    2. Since I’ve gotten married, I see my immediate family less, but I see my husband’s family more. It’s a trade off, because I can’t just get on a plane and see Mom and Dad whenever I want, but it makes it even more special when I do see them.

    3. I think I could watch Moulin Rouge over and over again. It’s just so visually appealing and I love the music.

    4. I am a ridiculous internet surfer. There are always 20 tabs open on my computer at any one time. So I honestly can’t nail it down. I usually start with a favorite blog (like yours!) or tweet and then start using links to find something else that is interesting to read!

    Thanks for asking :)

    • I LOOOVE Moulin Rouge. So does my husband. Now I want to watch it!!

      And dude, I always have 20 tabs open. I think it’s a sickness. I’ll be checking out that book you references!! Love ya lady!

  • 1. I just finished Eat, Pray, Love…I know I’m super late to the game but I’m glad I got around to reading it. So inspirational!

    2. I see my parents often since they only live 1 hour away and I see my husband’s family all the time since everyone lives super close to each other. The only bummer is that both of my sisters live on the east coast (I’m in LA) so I only get to see them a few times a year :(

    3. Bridget Jones’s Diary

    4. I’m definitely with you on the Wikipedia thing. Sometimes it takes you down the rabbit hole and you can’t get out! I wikied the Spice Girls the other day and it was fascinating!

    • I’ve actually never read that book but I’ve heard great things. And I used to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary soooo much in college. Me and my roommate love it.

      Haha loooove that you got roped into the Spice Girls page :)

  • Couldn’t figure out how to reply inline so replying here =)

    > How did you like World War Z? I just saw the movie.
    I loved World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide (would recommend Survival Guide first, makes WWZ a more interesting read). I’m torn about seeing the movie. I like Brad Pitt, but it looks like they change a lot of things that really impact the character of the books for the sake of an ‘interesting’ movie. WWZ would be difficult at best to do a literal translation and have it be interesting. It certainly would have had a LOT less of Mr Pitt showing off how hot he is. Anyway we rarely get out to see movies because horses =)

    > Just checked out your site- very cool! I took an equestrian class in college. Are you north or south of Youngstown?
    I grew up NW of Youngstown (Weathersfield Township which is basically all the empty space between Niles, Warren & Lordstown). We live west of Cbus now (because again, horses!) but I work downtown because unfortunately our four legged friends don’t quite pay the mortgage. I keep asking, but they just munch on hay and look at me weird =/

    >Haha love it. Is it weird that kids these days don’t know what Encyclopedias are?
    Yes, so many things that kids today will never understand. Like phones with cords (and the where the term ‘dialing’ a number comes from), carbon paper / ditto machines, white out, typewriters, floppy disks, dot matrix printers… I need to stop before I get really depressed about how old I am =/

    • No problem! I am definitely going to read both of those books soon. Can’t get enough of zombies. I’ve heard the movie is way different than the book. I enjoyed the “fast” zombies but other than that – I knew I’d like the book more. I actually watch movies first and THEN watch the books so I can at least slightly enjoy the movie haha.

      And yes- so weird that kids don’t know about any of those things. Or how things like iPhones, Netflix and more didn’t exist!

  • I just finished The Help. LOVED it. I am always late when it comes to best sellers, like I am waiting for someone to tell me that New York Times for it wrong . I am currently reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and loving it too.

    I see my family often. I work with my oldest brother and sister so I see them at least 5 days a week. My younger brother lives only 20 minutes away so he and his family are at my house often. I love it!

    Pride and Prejudice. The Kiera Knightley version. I have watched it probably 100 times, no joke.

    Websites that suck me in….anything with great pictures and flowing words.

    • I’m always late to the party for best sellers too! Except Gone Girl. I read that pretty quickly and loved it.

      That’s so fun that you can get to see your family and work alongside them!

      Thanks for reading + participating!

  • 1. I just finished The Chaperone. Excellent, surprisingly so.

    2. My bro is local. We see each other now and again. My dad is off doing his thing and I avoid seeing him. My Sweetie and I say we are family challenged, his parents are both deceased and he is an only child and my mother passed away 2 yrs ago… It is really the four of us and our chosen family, a group of very close friends.

    3. I seldom watch tv/movies. I do love Beaches… it is a great story.

    4. Ugh! Facebook. I am trying to break up with facebook, but so many of my friends use it as their default communication tool…

    We should do coffee for reals in the fall. I always enjoy seeing you.

    • I love chosen families! And Beaches is one of the only movies I own as a DVD! Such a tear jerker.

      I’m also trying to break up with Facebook. A year ago, I defriended like…700 people but I’ve slowly added more…

      I’d love to get coffee in real life! Let’s plan it.

  • 1. I’ve been trying to tackle Infinite Jest for a while, but it’s tough so I’m taking a break and reading Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris. It’s the perfect comic relief from such a challenging book.

    2. I only get to see my parents once a year as they live in the UK, and haven’t seen my brother for over two years :-( Thank goodness for Facetime. I don’t know how I’d cope without it.

    3. My go to movies are Vicky Christina Barcelona, or Hot Fuzz – it’s so funny and the accents remind me of home.

    4. Facebook sucks me in to the point where it’s kind of ridiculous. I’m trying to wean myself off, but I guess my friends are just too interesting.

    • David Sedaris cracks me up. I have a lot of his books.

      I can’t believe you haven’t seen your brother in 2 years. That must be tough. My brother lives with us now so I see him often :)

      Facebook can be a time suck. And I keep looking at the SAME posts all the time.

  • I just finished “Radical” by David Platt. It was super challenging but I enjoyed it. I’m currently reading “Just Design” by Christopher Simmons. Very inspiring.

    I am currently still living at home, so, every day! My sister lives out of state with her husband so I only see her about 6 times a year.

    I’m a sucker for Pitch Perfect. The music and banter gets me.

    I’ll be on Pinterest, but then end up with 15 different tabs open because I found articles I want to read, inspiring photos, etc. It’s a problem.


    • Pinterest induces many many tabs. I can agree to that!!

      I will check out those books too. Good choice on Pitch Perfect. Love a movie with a good soundtrack!

  • I adore when you do posts like this!

    1. This summer I’ve read, Perks Of Being A Wall Flower (loved it), Breakfast at Tiffany s (movie is better), Shindlers List (incredible. a MUST read), and I am currently reading The Host (halfway through, so fat so good!). Next up is Gone Girl, and The Beautiful & Damned. Have you read any of these?

    2. I live at home with my parents and brothers in the summers, but during the school year, I only see them about 3 times. My grandparents I see fairly often, and cousins, uncles, and aunts, about once a year, some less. We all live very far away!

    3. The Harry Potter Series! And I DO watch it over and over. I honestly watch one almost every day, this past school year, I watched the SERIES 24 times. That is 192 times.

    4. Hmm, I think I would honestly have to say blogs suck me in! Every time I find a new blog I go through and read post after post, I love reading through a blog I like’s, entire content!

    • I’m so glad!! I’ve read Gone Girl and read it in about 3 days on vacation. It’s so interesting and creepy at the same time.

      I’m the same way with blogs too. If I find a blog that I love – I try to read as many posts as possible. Sounds like we’re the same!

  • Such a fun idea! Just found your blog through Death to the Stock Photo – what an awesome idea, thank you for the pictures! :)

    1. Wild by Cheryl Strayed – really beautifully written book. I got frustrated with some of the choices her younger self kept making, but it was a good read.

    2. My parents and one sister live about 15 minutes away, and my sweetheart’s family is just five minutes from them. We see them all pretty often, usually on weekends.

    3. Dirty Dancing

    4. Feedly … all the blogs!

    • Oh I’m glad we could connect then! And I’m glad you like the pictures :) And thanks for featuring us!

      That’s so great that you’re near both of your families. It’s so nice to see the people that have known you your whole life.

      And I hear ya…feedly is amazing. I love it more than Google Reader!

  • I recently read “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini. A brilliantly written book, almost made me cry in a few parts.
    I see my family every two months at best. My little niece I’d like to see more often but it never happens :(
    Movies… ummm..I see Wall E whenever it is on TV. Also, My Best Friend’s Wedding.
    Pinterest. Damn, it eats up all my time these day ! this is me – http://pinterest.com/chicabeingme/boards/

    • I always want to see my friends more (who are more like family) after they have children. I totally understand. I also own about 10 movies and My Best Friend’s Wedding is one of them!

      Yep – Pinterest. Gets me every time.

  • 1. The skeptical believer: Telling stories to your inner atheist.
    2. Twice a year? Living 1000 miles away in Baton Rouge is brutal. :(
    3. Anything by Wes Anderson
    4. Home Depot.com / wholelarderlove / longestacres

    • I’ll have to check out that book! And good movie choices.

      I didn’t know you were in Baton Rouge. How do you like it?

      • Well, if you like warm baths, then you will LOVE Baton Rouge in the summer…the heat/humidity combo basically makes you feel like you just got out of the tub and put your clothes on without taking the time to dry off. Neat.

        But in the non-summer months, we like it well enough. There’s a growing little arts scene, a great community farmers market, and Nola is super close. We’re down here until I finish grad school, which looks like it’ll be another 3 years. If you come down this way, you must visit. You’d love Nola.

  • 1. I haven’t read anything great lately but I have a bunch of foreseeably fantastic reads lined up!

    2. I currently live with my parents, so every day ;] I see my younger brother every few weeks or so. He’s currently living in his college town, which is about thirty to forty minutes away.

    3. 27 Dresses and Tangled.

    4. Wikipedia here, too. Two nights ago I spent three hours reading about the British royal family.

    • Hahahaha I love that about the royal family. I seriously get so sucked in. Clicking more links. Then more. And more.

      I hope you get to read soon!! I have a horrible time carving time out to read too.

  • I just finished The Shining Girls! i really enjoyed it, but am pretty fond of any novel that combines a historical element with crime. What did you think of it?

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