Lake Bound


We’re headed to our family lakehouse today and I’m pretty stoked. A weekend with my best friends (and no dog…he’s staying home with my brother) is heaven. The weather looks lovely. It’s supposed to be cold enough at nights to roast marshmallows! Hurray!

Here are a few of the things that I’ll be packing:

  1. Bathing suit. I love vacations because I put on my swimsuit as soon as I wake up. Even if I don’t go outside until hours later.
  2. My Canon 6D. When you live near a city, there’s something exciting about shooting photos in nature.
  3. Lush’s dry shampoo. Round brushes, straighteners + hair dryers are too much of a hassle.
  4. Flavored sparkling water. I’m hooked and I’ve been trying every brand and flavor.
  5. I bought The Sandlot and She’s The Man on DVD. Totally watching both.
  6. My Nisolo sandals. Basically the only shoes I’ll wear all summer.
  7. I’m currently reading (and will finish) The Shining Girls. It’s creepy but I like creepy.
  8. Glasses, obviously. Total relaxation (for me) requires no contacts.

What do you like bringing on vacation? Do you overpack or underpack?

July 25, 2013