Okay, well I suppose we can’t really get coffee. Most of you live too far away from Columbus, Ohio. So how about a virtual coffee date? Just like last week – I want to hear from YOU. But let’s keep it light and fun. Answer any (or all) of the following questions in the comment section! Have

I’m a very nostalgic person. I grow attached to things because of experiences. Never objects, really (besides books + music). When I say things, I usually mean physical locations. I get very sentimental and emotional when I’m at a place that holds great memories in my past. While I didn’t re

We’re headed to our family lakehouse today and I’m pretty stoked. A weekend with my best friends (and no dog…he’s staying home with my brother) is heaven. The weather looks lovely. It’s supposed to be cold enough at nights to roast marshmallows! Hurray!

Lately I’ve felt so incredibly connected. At all times. To everything. My twitter feed has felt especially negative recently and I’m tired of sitting with groups of people while we all zone out and stare at our iPhones. I’ve found that in order to be MORE present, I have to limit HOW I’

For those that don’t know (or maybe you’ve recently started stopping by this space), Adam and I own our own business together. We’re partners in every sense of the word and I love it. Those that work in marketing/design can often talk about it vaguely. It’s hard for people to even know w

Happy Friday, all! I thought I’d start the day off with a really cute picture of my dog, Desh. Isn’t he adorable? He’s 4 years old and bred from two cockapoos. He’s pretty human-like. He uses the sidewalks when at all possible, uses pillows and arm rests on chairs and mimics me in the mo

I don’t think, in the history of my blog, that I’ve ever posted a style/what I wore blog post. To be honest, I keep things pretty casual around here now that I’m self-employed. I’m usually in yoga pants and a tee but when I do get ready – I keep it basic. When Henry and Belle [&he

In 4th grade, I came home and told my mom about how one of my ‘best friends’ started hanging out with a group of girls that were notoriously MEAN. This friend became mean too. Calling me a jerk (um, rude) and telling me that my lips were too big (um, okay). That’s when my mom looked me [&hel

It’s already mid-July and summer so far has been pretty rad. Some of my favorite things: Warm nights in the backyard. Iced coffees and teas. Condensation. Quality time with my sister (+ binge watching The Mindy Project and Nashville). Not washing my hair. Like, once a week. Freedom. Experiencing passion.

Yesterday (while running on only a few hours of sleep) I decided to work ON my business(es) instead of IN my business(es). It’s a great piece of advice. One that I often hear on the internets but don’t ever do. Adam and I began working together full-time this spring and it’s been a pretty h

I love the word FRESH. So fresh, so clean. Fresh to death. Refresh. I love the phrases. I love the word itself. It’s how I feel about this week. A fresh start after 10 days of family time (I went to my parents’, my sister visited, my parents visited, Adam’s family visited) and it was […

I haven’t had much to say lately. I feel like I’ve been playing catch-up since our New York City trip. So instead, I’m going to share my stream of consciousness in bullet points: It’s hard being an entrepreneur. Sometimes you don’t want to find new clients. Or sell your services.