Workin’ On My Fitness


I’ve been workin’ on my fitness lately. I’m co-hosting a 10-Day Fitness Challenge over on Considering You¬†along with Bobby of Whole Fitness Training. The daily workouts are quick but intense and consist of body weight exercises. I’ve been supplementing those workouts with kettlebell swings and attempting to lift some of the weights that Bobby has from Rogue Fitness (aka I fail because it’s too heavy.) Bobby is training a lot of people this summer out of a garage and I can attest to the intensity of his sessions. It’s nice to have someone to push me. Oh and can you tell? He’s my brother!

For three weeks I’ve been consistently working out and I can see results! Definition in my stomach and a firm booty. Heck yeah! I rewarded myself last night with some hot dogs from Dirty Franks. Isn’t that how it works? Who cares. I feel great and am excited to keep seeing results. I did three 1 minute planks yesterday and holy moly those suck. But I’m feeling stronger. And I like it.

June 7, 2013