I know I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of strangers lately. I hear in the blogging world most people don’t like looking at photos of people they don’t know. But oh well. I do what I want!

Like I mentioned yesterday – I spent most of last weekend shooting with my new lenses. I recently invested in a Canon 85mm/1.2 and a Sigma 35mm/1.4 and I LOVE them. But after having the kit (24-102mm) lens for awhile, it’s taking some getting used to. I decided that I’ll shoot as much as I can during the month of June to practice. I’m offering some REALLY affordable prices and am pretty much willing to shoot whenever I’m free! It’s been pretty fun and I felt like I was getting better each time.


I shoot in manual mode now (which I didn’t for SO long and really regret it) and so between the lenses, settings + lighting…I’m learning something new every moment I’m shooting. The biggest challenge is to remember that I don’t always need my aperture at 1.2 (even if I can). Small steps! For right now, photography is that thing that I get to do because I want to do it. Not because that’s how I make a full-time income. It’s an amazing asset to add to my client packages and I hope to be able to do it more and more!

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  • Practice is what makes creatives thrive! I enjoy seeing how you’re getting accustomed to your shooting style and your new equipment. Doesn’t shooting in manual make such a huge difference? I love being in control of my shots and knowing more about how I’m capturing my photos. :)

  • This blog is great timing for me because I am an illustrator and designer but also do photography. I used to do a lot more photography and I LOVED it but for some reason I fell out of love with it and just recently have been feeling the desire to reignite that love.

    Practice is definitely key when it comes to photography, I definitely learned early on that having a good eye is not enough if you don’t know your camera and the more expensive the camera and lens the harder it is to use. I use to think better materials automatically meant better photos but after purchasing my Canon 5d Mark ii and several L series lenses, I quickly learned that they’d only be better when I learned how to use the camera and lenses properly. Shooting in manual and RAW is definitely the way to go and will change your photos dramatically!

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing more photos. :)

  • Oh to be able to consistently shoot in manual…I’ll be practicing too!!

  • Never feel bad about pics! I love getting to know bloggers thru pics!

  • Really great photos, Allie!!!

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