NYC: Day 4


Our last full day in NYC was a busy one! We were (again) blessed with amazing weather. We started off the day with an iced coffee from Cup and finally went to Waffle and Wolf. We had been exceptionally excited about this place because they offer amazing stuff wrapped inside waffles. It’s like a waffle burrito. They also offer buckwheat waffles so I was able to get one! I got the #6. Inside the waffle (ahem, bacon was baked inside) I found bananas, caramel and peanut butter. Best lunch.

We headed over to the Flatiron District and hung out in Madison Square Park for a bit before my last photoshoot of the week. It, of course, started pouring right before my clients arrived and so we ducked into Eataly to wait it out. We ended up going back to Eataly after the shoot because GELATO. And espresso. Adam and I realized we like snacking and eating smaller meals while we’re in NYC. That way we’re able to try a lot more + not feel so full while walking. We aren’t really into going to expensive restaurants (actually, going to swanky restaurants stress me out) and so we’re always bookmarking spots that keep it casual.


As you can piece together, these photos are all out of order. But oh well. After the photoshoot, we started walking towards The High Line. It’s such an amazing part of the city and we walked half of it until we made it to Chelsea Market. I ate a lobster (obviously) and then we grabbed some fancy sushi on our way out. We ended our day by stopping by Uniqlo again to get more of their amazing AIRism tanks (soooo comfortable) right before they closed. It was a great day.

I’ll be back next week with a WHAT I PACKED post. See my last NYC packing post. Oh and Hawaii too.

June 20, 2013