NYC: Day 4


Our last full day in NYC was a busy one! We were (again) blessed with amazing weather. We started off the day with an iced coffee from Cup and finally went to Waffle and Wolf. We had been exceptionally excited about this place because they offer amazing stuff wrapped inside waffles. It’s like a waffle burrito. They also offer buckwheat waffles so I was able to get one! I got the #6. Inside the waffle (ahem, bacon was baked inside) I found bananas, caramel and peanut butter. Best lunch.

We headed over to the Flatiron District and hung out in Madison Square Park for a bit before my last photoshoot of the week. It, of course, started pouring right before my clients arrived and so we ducked into Eataly to wait it out. We ended up going back to Eataly after the shoot because GELATO. And espresso. Adam and I realized we like snacking and eating smaller meals while we’re in NYC. That way we’re able to try a lot more + not feel so full while walking. We aren’t really into going to expensive restaurants (actually, going to swanky restaurants stress me out) and so we’re always bookmarking spots that keep it casual.


As you can piece together, these photos are all out of order. But oh well. After the photoshoot, we started walking towards The High Line. It’s such an amazing part of the city and we walked half of it until we made it to Chelsea Market. I ate a lobster (obviously) and then we grabbed some fancy sushi on our way out. We ended our day by stopping by Uniqlo again to get more of their amazing AIRism tanks (soooo comfortable) right before they closed. It was a great day.

I’ll be back next week with a WHAT I PACKED post. See my last NYC packing post. Oh and Hawaii too.

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Comments (22)

  • HIgh Line is one of my favorite parks in the city. Such a fun one to walk!

  • brandi

    So happy to hear that I’m not the only one who gets stressed out eating at swanky restaurants.

    • Oh gosh – it’s the WORST. When we go on vacation with my parents I always dread that part!!!

  • So, I adore Chelsea and am so glad you guys wandered over that way. It looks/sounds like you had such a fabulous time. I’m jealous. Also, I really love the portrait of the cellist. Awesome shot!

    • It’s such a fun part of the city!! I loved it. I know we were there a bit in college but my memory sucks. And that cellist was so great. He was straight posin’!

  • I really want to head to NYC again! I haven’t been since 2007! These photos are beautiful x

  • Great glimpse of NY in these photos! The high line is one of my favorite places in NY.

    I’ve wanted to try Eataly for awhile but haven’t made it out yet. Now I’m not sure why it hasn’t happened because, i agree, GELATO. :)

    • Yeah gelato is so amazing. It’s like the glamorous soft serve (okay maybe not…but you get it haha).

  • Thanks for sharing your trip, Allie! These posts have been very inspiring :)

    • Glad you enjoyed, Jess! I’m still sooo thankful for your husband and helping us get to our hotel in DC!!!

  • 10 years in NYC and I have never been to the High Line. I plan to do so every Summer, and fail every Summer. And that’s just one of the awesome NYC places I haven’t been to.
    I lived in Brazil for about 21 years and never went to Corcovado or Cristo Redentor (the big Christ statue) either. =/

    • It’s crazy how you can live somewhere and never do the things tourists do!! I always find that fascinating. But you should go! I loved it!

  • Ah, I just got home and I’m counting the days until I can go to the city! Thanks for reminding me of all I have to look forward to :)

  • Eataly! I need to make sure to go there NEXT WEEK! Yay, I penned a few other places you mentioned here too. :) & I am looking forward to what you packed, I’m always the worst at packing. Your photos are getting me really excited for my trip.

  • Yay! I’m glad you had a great time. The High Line is incredible, absolutely one of my favorite things in the city. I’m going to have incorporate your strategy of small snacks through the day when travelling instead of big meals. You get to experience so much more that way!

    • My husband is a genius (re: small snacking). I was raised eating huge meals and so it took me awhile to get used to the concept :) We’ll need to connect during my next trip!

  • Allie – you did NYC right! You hit up all the right spots while you were here – especially Eataly … one of my favorites! Hope you had a great time while you were here. I’m actually heading back home to Columbus & will be in your neck of the woods for the 4th. ;) Have a great weekend!

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