NYC: Day 3


Our third day in NYC actually took place IN New York City. I overslept (story of my life) so we got ready and hopped on the subway to see Kellyn off. We ended up in Soho with only 25 minutes to spare and so we ducked into a Starbucks for a coffee and food. A day and a half hardly felt like enough with her but we had to rush off to DreamDry because I’m a diva and I needed a blowout (hehe). I got a combo of the loose waves and the big volume style that they offer. I was in and out in 15 minutes. CRAZY fast. Unfortunately, it didn’t really stay and it felt flat by the end of the day. I still do my hair best.

After my blowout, we spent some time in the Flatiron District. I knew I was shooting there the next day so it was nice to scope out some spots. We walked up 5th Avenue for as long as we could and then took a cab up to the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park (near East Harlem). I took portraits of Stephanie (isn’t she a natural??) and we spent more time just walking around and enjoying more of the amazing weather.

On our way back to Williamsburg, we stopped by Uniqlo (yay Asian stores) and I finally got some maxi skirts that fit me (yay short people). We took the subway back home and grabbed a late dinner at Testo. Gluten-free pasta, mussels + Prosecco. Cheers to that!

June 19, 2013