NYC: Day 1


We’re in New York City/Brooklyn for almost 6 full days and so I figured I might as well blog while I’m here! Our first full day took place last Friday and I’m realizing that I have to mentally prepare myself before venturing out for the day in this city. As an introvert – I just have to realize that being surrounded by people 24/7 doesn’t mean I have to be constantly engaged. I never mind having Adam around (he keeps me really balanced) and so day 1 was a perfect mixture.

We slept in that morning. It was glorious and we realized we haven’t been sleeping much lately since launching The Wonder Jam. It’s vacation so sleeping in is totally acceptable (even if you aren’t at the beach). We rented this amazing apartment in East Williamsburg AND it has a patio with a hammock. #win

photo (42)

We stuck around North Williamsburg and hit up Pies ‘n’ Thighs, Fabiane’s, Dijital Fix, ID New York and lots more shopping. I also shot portraits for Patrick! While the weather called for rain all day – we were pleasantly surprised with a nice, sunny day!

June 17, 2013