June’s 3 New Things


Happy June! I had a great weekend catching up on some personal projects + being somewhat lazy. This month is one that I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. It’s also a lighter month when it comes to work which allows us to dive into some experimental projects + focus on a few other things that usually get pushed back due to client work. We’re also going to Brooklyn for 6 days and I am so excited. When it comes to trying 3 new things, I decided to:

  1. Draw in a sketchbook daily. Whether it’s before bed, to take a break from the computer or while we’re traveling – I am to make it a daily habit. Last month I made a point to use my Wacom Intuos tablet often and now I remember why they say, “Practice makes perfect.”
  2. Organize all my makeup. I’ve never been to The Container Store before and I think it’s time I ended that streak.
  3. Track my time! I actually have no idea how many hours I work each week. I know that some weeks are insanely crazier than others but I started tracking my time before I started drafting this post and I’m up to 10 minutes already (creating the graphics, writing everything up). I use Toggl to track my time.

Do you have any fun plans this month? Are you going to try anything new? I didn’t include this in my list but I plan to celebrate summer on June 22nd and hold my own Summer Retreat for myself. I got the idea from the book The Way of the Happy Woman. It focuses on disconnecting from technology, walking, relaxing and ending the day with a big cookout. I can’t wait!

*Also, did you see my updated sidebar?

June 3, 2013