Brooklyn Bound


We’re Brooklyn bound this week and I’m so excited! We’re staying in Williamsburg this time and we’ll be there for about 6 days. I’ll be shooting a few portraits, eating great food + enjoying a vacation with Adam! Do you have any recommendations? We’re finalizing our list tonight!

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  • Have a WONDERFUL time!! I’ve never been to Williamsburg, so I’m no help, but I hope you guys have a wonderful vacation :)

  • i hope you have the best time there!
    i love love love court street, by carrol gardens, which is also in brooklyn but definitely not as close to williamsburg. everything there is beautiful and all the food is yummy, you might be simply overwhelmed by the choices!
    and then i love dumbo, the park under the famous bridges. around there is a restaurant called ‘Rice’ where you mix and match type of rice, sauce and toppings. i remember falling in love with new york there:)
    and then, if you plan on shopping in soho someday, my favorite place to eat Hampton Chutney Co. for Indian sandwiches and crêpes.

    seriously, have so much fun!

  • If you’re spending time in Williamsburg, BK you guys must go to the Meatball Shop and the Brooklyn Brewery :)

  • There’s so much good food in Williamsburg… Radegast Hall on N 3rd & Berry for German, Fette Sau for barbeque on Metropolitan & Havermeyer, Pies ‘n Thighs for some comfort food on S 4th and Driggs… I could probably list a ton more, but I wouldn’t want to over saturate you.

    Also, taking the ferry from the Williamsburg waterfront over to Brooklyn Bridge Park is a really awesome thing to do.

    (Can you tell I used to live in Williamsburg?)

    • Yummm. I’m hungry just reading your comment haha. Thanks for the recs! We’re excited to be in your old hood :)

  • Definitely check out the Brooklyn Flea if you haven’t! The Botanical gardens near Park Slope, too :)

  • I hope you have a blast when you visit! I have no doubt it will be filled with all sorts of good eating and exploring. People watching in Williamsburg is amazing too!

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