A Weekend in Columbus


We spent last weekend here at home in Columbus. I love lazy summer days. I had four photoshoots and it helped me get out of the house where I would have normally sat around or laid in bed for way too long. We spent time in Goodale Park (aka trying to pet every dog), ordered a pour over from One Line Coffee (THE best), browsed shirts at HOMAGE and ate some Cajun/Creole at Da Levee. It was a busy weekend for Columbus too. Crossfit Regionals, Arts Festival, Soulfood Festival and the Moonlight Market downtown! I love my city.

Psst: If you love Columbus too – sign up for updates on my new project. It’s called Let’s Be Tourists.

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Comments (2)

  • Beautiful photos!

    We are experiencing a cold winter here in Australia, so it is nice to think warm thoughts while looking at your photographs!

  • Sounds like a wonderful weekend at home. We are gearing up for one just like it this weekend and I can’t wait.

    As for your new project, I can’t wait to see what you’re up to. I just told Andy that we really need to visit Columbus soon. We’ll be as close as Toledo this summer, but not close enough!

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