Four years ago today, Adam and I attended a huge party that my parents hosted and danced all night. Sure, a wedding day is swell (and damn expensive) but we don’t hold it to a extremely high standard. When it came to the wedding, I actually didn’t really care. My mom and I got into […]

Our last full day in NYC was a busy one! We were (again) blessed with amazing weather. We started off the day with an iced coffee from Cup and finally went to Waffle and Wolf. We had been exceptionally excited about this place because they offer amazing stuff wrapped inside waffles. It’s like a waffle bu

Our third day in NYC actually took place IN New York City. I overslept (story of my life) so we got ready and hopped on the subway to see Kellyn off. We ended up in Soho with only 25 minutes to spare and so we ducked into a Starbucks for a coffee and food. A […]

Day 2 in NYC (okay…still Brooklyn) was fabulous and warm. My best friend Kellyn came in from Philly and we headed out to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, shopped and ate tacos (obviously). After the flea we headed to the park and enjoyed the gorgeous day. I love walking around and seeing all the [&hellip

We’re in New York City/Brooklyn for almost 6 full days and so I figured I might as well blog while I’m here! Our first full day took place last Friday and I’m realizing that I have to mentally prepare myself before venturing out for the day in this city. As an introvert – I just [&hellip

I know I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of strangers lately. I hear in the blogging world most people don’t like looking at photos of people they don’t know. But oh well. I do what I want! Like I mentioned yesterday – I spent most of last weekend shooting with my new lenses. I [&helli

We spent last weekend here at home in Columbus. I love lazy summer days. I had four photoshoots and it helped me get out of the house where I would have normally sat around or laid in bed for way too long. We spent time in Goodale Park (aka trying to pet every dog), ordered […]

We’re Brooklyn bound this week and I’m so excited! We’re staying in Williamsburg this time and we’ll be there for about 6 days. I’ll be shooting a few portraits, eating great food + enjoying a vacation with Adam! Do you have any recommendations? We’re finalizing our list toni

I’ve been workin’ on my fitness lately. I’m co-hosting a 10-Day Fitness Challenge over on Considering You along with Bobby of Whole Fitness Training. The daily workouts are quick but intense and consist of body weight exercises. I’ve been supplementing those workouts with kettlebell swi

The weather is warmer and I’ve been playing with some new lenses before I make the jump and actually purchase one. Here are some of my latest shots! I’m booking portraits in Columbus anytime until June 12th. If you’re in NYC, I’m booking portraits June 14-17th. Let me know if you’r

Today’s CITY GUIDE is brought to you by Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy! Louisville has been called “Portland of the East” and “Austin of the North,” but this quirky, compact town shines in its own right. Locals aren’t surprised when their city is named among the “most livable” in the country, or

Last week, I shot photos of Becca and by the end of our session I was on the other side of the camera. I rarely seek out the opportunity to get my picture taken and so I reluctantly agreed while prefacing that I’m awkward. Her shots made me realize that you can love the way […]

Happy June! I had a great weekend catching up on some personal projects + being somewhat lazy. This month is one that I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. It’s also a lighter month when it comes to work which allows us to dive into some experimental projects + focus on a few other things [&helli