THE year


I started blogging when I was 21. I remember sitting at my desk in my house off campus thinking, “What in the world am I going to talk about? And why would anyone care?” Over five years later and I’m actually starting to ask the same questions again. Funny how that happens. I hope to find clarity in that. What do I really want to be posting here? I want it to add to my life and yours.

I turn 26 tomorrow and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Don’t worry, I’m not saying 26 is old. But when people ask me how old I am, I still want to say 22 for some odd reason. I graduated, got married and moved to Columbus all within the first month of being 22 and so in some ways it feels like it was THE year for me.

But as a 25-year-old, I feel like I became more of who I really am.

  • I took control of my crappy diet and improved my quality of life.
  • We hit financial goals and paid off debt.
  • We went to NYC, Hawaii and Jamaica.
  • I left my stable, full-time job and started my own business.
  • And started earning 5x more than I was making at that stable, full-time job.
  • Collaborated with amazing women to create Considering You + Haute Blog.
  • Started a business with my husband (sneak peek here + more on that soon!)

So you know what? I feel damn good. Here’s to 26! I’ll be back blogging regularly next week.


May 8, 2013