May’s 3 New Things


Hello, May! My favorite month. Mostly and only because my birthday is May 9th. And who doesn’t love their birthday?? Even when I’m old, I’ll love my birthday and all my grey hairs. May is going to be a month of business, change and growth. Here are some of the few new things I’m going to do:

  1. Host our first Haute Blog workshop here in Columbus. YIKES it’s coming up soon. How did time fly by so fast? 
  2. Convert our dining area into a co-working space. Braid Creative‘s office area serves as an inspiration.
  3. Launch a business with my husband Adam. We are scheming, creating and even hosting a launch party at the end of May. Keep your eye out!!

Any fun, different or exciting things happening for you this month?

May 1, 2013