Another weekly post from yours truly! Since my last post, I…

  • Turned 26! 
  • Attended Joel and Elise‘s wedding.
  • Got a pretty bad case of the stomach flu. (Damn thing knocked me down for 3 days!)
  • Found out that ginger ale and Sprite have SO much sugar so I opted mostly for water.
  • Realized getting knocked down for 3 days when you own your own business…SUCKS.
  • Watched Adam totally champ it up and help me so much (while also making sure I don’t die from dehydration).
  • Got our shipment of Haute Blog USB drives in the mail. Aren’t they pretty?
  • Only showered twice.

So about this blogging thing. What should I blog about pals? What do you like reading? I’m stumped. I mean, I’ll always blog for ME. But in the future you might be getting a lot or rambling bullet points like today. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up with ongoing series, helpful tips + product boards. 

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  • i suppose it sort of depends on what *you’re* looking to get out of the whole thing. when you’ve got your hands in multiple content-rich outlets (and are working on normal business to boot), i suspect that finding ways to update or create new blog “content” (and by this i mean non-personal stuff) gets old. i like keeping tabs on what business-y things you’re up to–not in a creepy way, mind you–but your blog is a nice way for people to see what kinds of things your up to without having to go around searching your individual projects if something special is going on.

    and i like your photos. more photos of interesting things plz. :)

  • Eep! The stomach flu is awful. I hope you’re feeling much better! I honestly don’t mind the random bullet point blog posts. I love when bloggers are themselves every now and again to let you know that there’s still a person behind the words. I agree with photos!

  • I actually really love bullet points (it’s kind of how I think), so I say do what you feel like doing and don’t be turned off from doing posts like this if you need to!

  • Holly Goodman

    Just keep on doing exactly what you’re doing. You reach out to people everywhere in different, inspiring ways. We take your stories and relate them to our artistic every day lives. I love looking at your blog. It helps me think, someone out there is like me- worried, inspired, creative, taking risks, accomplishing goals…your blog is a HUGE inspiration to me.

    Thank you.


  • First off, I hope you feel better love! Second those USB drives ROCK!!

  • One thing I find helpful for an upset stomach is peppermint tea (& you can add as little or as much sugar as you like). The peppermint is a natural remedy for nausea.

    Anyway, in regards to what you should blog about. I personally tend to love reading tips and how-tos (about anything – blogging, designing, cleaning, cooking, whatever – it’s always fun to learn something) — even lists like this are nice b/c I can scan through to find what I want to read more about — but I generally tend not to like reading about someone’s friends – I read a blog for that person and what they have to say, not for an insight into the people they know. Not saying you shouldn’t do that – I mean you should blog about whatever you want to, since it’s your blog – but that’s just my two cents.

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