The Risk


There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. – Anais Nin

I had this quote written in my journal all throughout college. I would read it, quite literally, every day. I didn’t really know what it meant but I knew someday I would find out. Since the new year, I’ve felt a sense of urgency. Not stress or anxiety but a pure desire to do things. It’s been amazing. I’ve felt energy at times when I’m working long hours. I wake up earlier and on my own when I’m excited about the projects that I’m working on (don’t worry…I can still ROCK the whole ‘sleeping in’ thing). I’m taking huge risks. And not just me. Adam too. I’m excited about what the rest of 2013 holds for us as partners. We work really well together and I feel lucky that I get to live alongside someone that pushes me daily.

But the quote…is true. It literally hurts my brain when things start to feel safe or when I’m coasting. To me, that feels riskier than starting a blogging workshop or signing on to do a huge project that’s 100% new to me. There are nights when Adam and I take time to go on a date but I just want to talk about all the ideas swimming in my head. (But then he lays on the charm and gets me to eat half a pint of Jeni’s Ice Cream while watching Despicable Me.)

So all this to say, I’m trying new things. I’m changing. I don’t even know where this blog is going but I hope you’ll stick around. Blogging, for me, has evolved. Before, it was a way to fit in, jump on the internet bandwagon and maybe even make money. At this point in my life it’s simply a way to connect with the world.

And as Cat Stevens would say, “Oh baby baby it’s a wild world.” 

April 11, 2013