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We’re booking our next trip to NYC. Recommendations on where we should stay? What we should do? We’d like to spend a majority of our time in Brooklyn but thought it would be fun to hop around before settling. I spent way too long browsing through Airbnb last night. We’ll be there 6 days in the summer. Ahhh summer in the city (of to listen to Regina Spektor)!

You can read about our last trip here and here.

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  • if you are going for six days i would recommend staying in an apartment during the whole time. when i travel, i love having my space to come back after walking through the entire city and maybe a kitchen, or a place to sleep in one morning… and i love going out for breakfast at the same place every day, and being greeted by the neighbors and even invited to their birthday parties (that was a bit weird, though, but fun). but then, it depends on how you like to travel.
    Court street in Brooklyn is amazing. I didn’t really fall in love with the city until I spent time there at my aunt’s house (her apartment is on airbnb). Every single store or restaurant is amazing and you’ll want to try them all. Plus it isn’t far from Manhattan because the metro is so efficient.

    • Good advice! We just booked our 6 day trip and are staying at an apartment via Airbnb :) I’m excited to do breakfasts at our place. We really did fall for Brooklyn while we were there and I’m excited to have more than 1 day to explore!!!

  • regina = love.

    did you get to see her in concert then? i was lucky enough when she came here, to Toronto. small town is one of my new favourites of hers.

    again, lovely blog! xo

  • when?!

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