I had a real weekend. No travel. No work. No commitments.

I slept in. Watched 4 movies. Shopped til I dropped. Got my hair cut and colored. Had cocktails. Cleaned our entire townhouse. Did laundry. Ate mac n cheese at 3am. Talked to my family on the phone. Loved Adam more. Re-designed my blog header. The list could go on and on.

It was marvelous. I rediscovered the weekend. And I plan on having them from now on. How was yours?

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  • that looks like the most perfect weekend. it’s definitely one of the reasons i can’t wait to be done with school. (i still have many, many more years though…) weekends do not exist for me, hahaha, no matter what, there’s always homework and studying to do. boo.
    keep enjoying this sort of weekend, allie!

    • I bet!! You’ll be so happy once you have weekends. Although I thought graduating would bring about a more normal work schedule ;) Totally didn’t!!

  • Now THAT is a great weekend – so glad you were able to take advantage of it all!

    • It really was!! and thanks Heather. I hope you had a great weekend too. PS loved your post from today. Being YOU is the best.

  • Yay for the new blog header!!! INTUOS!!!!!!! :)

  • I love having weekends like that. Love the new blog header!

  • I could really use one of these! I work 7 days a week usually, but need to carve out some time for this. Glad you enjoyed!

  • Ooh this is just what I need to get me through the last half of this week – definitely going to be ensuring I also have a ‘real weekend’! Not sure when weekends became so filled with errands and work and obligations, but this post is a great reminder to step back and just enjoy them instead of trying to make them ‘productive’ :)

    Just discovered your lovely blog via In Spaces Between – it’s beautiful, and excited to read all the previous posts! x

  • I love it! Those are my favorite weekends when I can do nothing. It’s very recharging to me!

  • Where can I get a weekend like that?! It sounds amazing! I hope you have many more in the future.

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