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I’m busy designing, starting a side hustle + having a blast. Blogging might be lighter this week but I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about life lately:

  1. My life and friends here in Columbus.
  2. Warmer temperatures + cropped pants + light pink nails. I’m ready for 60 degree temps this weekend!
  3. My amazing new Canon 6D
  4. Dates and flirting with Adam
  5. Planning our next travels (Seattle, Brooklyn, Philippines)

I miss hearing from you all! Leave a comment below with the 5 things YOU’RE loving about life lately.

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Comments (22)

  • i love the idea of making a list like this. hmm…mine are…

    1. nice comments on my blog
    2. wildlife waking up where we live
    3. how an hour of yoga can fix all my problems
    4. a forecast of nice weather this weekend
    5. sleeping in soon!

  • I’m loving the rainy days, the longer hours of sunlight, the fact that my baby is finally sleeping 12 hours (only took 12 months!), COFFEE and the way the Lord is stirring my heart in great big ways for great big things!

    • That is so awesome to hear Heather!! And I agree, the longer hours of sunlight is such a nice treat.

  • 1. nice weather and spending time outside
    2. planning huge adventures around the city for this summer when my friend comes to visit
    3. tons of pictures to edit and simply stare at from the week we spent in rome
    4. the fact that a day feels so much longer with all these hours of sunlight
    5. reading, which honestly, i haven’t done in a long time

    i’m glad you are busy and happy and cannot wait to see what projects you are coming up with!

  • Yay for visiting Seattle, my hometown! Hope the weather is gorgeous here when you visit. If you haven’t visited West Seattle before, you *must* visit Alki Beach & Lincoln Park.

    5 things I’m loving lately:
    -75 degree weather after a winter that feels like it went on forever
    -Finding inspiration everywhere I look
    -Park dates with my little Dude
    -Early bedtimes

    • Thanks Jaime! We plan on sometime in the fall! We will definitely check out those spots too. I’m pretty jealous you have 75 degree weather!!!

  • Oh my gosh, you’re going to the Philippines!? That is on my next-3-years bucket list!

    (Awesome pictures!)

    • Eek!! We just put it on our 2-year bucket list!!! Maybe our trips will overlap?! And thanks for the compliment :)

  • Here are my favorite things:

    1. Looking forward to Hawaii for my honeymoon in two weeks!
    2. Looking forward to marrying the man of dreams
    3. COFFEE!!!!
    4. Moving into my very own apartment
    5. I’m enjoying commuting right now because I get to listen to awesome podcasts now!

  • My five things making me happy are generally related to the new spring season!

    1) more sunlight
    2) longer days
    3) planning summer trips (including one to Ohio!)
    4) planning summer outfits (hello, sandals!)
    5) getting out and about my city more often!

    Good luck with all your awesome projects!

    • Ohhh where in Ohio?! YAY spring!!

      • Memorial Day weekend in NE Ohio with my boyfriend’s family but we are hoping to make a quick overnight trip to Columbus to see his old college friends. Free for coffee?

        Finally hooray for spring!

  • 1 // that DC stayed cold for long enough that the Cherry Blossoms did not reach full bloom when I had my baby – I will get to see them this year!

    2 // watching my two sons who were nearly identical as newborns interact for the first moments

    3 // family nap time

    4 // the influence network – never before has the online world seemed so encouraging and uplifting to me personally

    5 // meals from friends. they haven’t started flowing yet, but knowing I wont have to think about cooking for the next few weeks is pure bliss

  • GO 6D!

  • cute hat, AD !

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