Happy Monday!


My weekend was filled with family, friends and wonderful weather. Oh and allergies. I look pretty blah in the photo above but I promise I was excited on the inside. On Friday, Erika + I drank champagne and shot photos for our new project (that we’re launching tomorrow!) but I had been sneezing literally all day. Despite my seasonal annoyances, we had a great weekend. Here were my highlights:

  • We booked an apartment in Brooklyn via Airbnb for June! Excited to spend 6 days in the city with Adam.
  • I drank A LOT of coffee all weekend after feeling exhausted from allergies + lack of sleep. Loved the sign pictured above at One Line.
  • Over the past four years of being married, our taste has evolved. We picked up some new (used) glassware this weekend. $15 for 6!
  • I accidentally found this YouTube account while trying to pronounce Synecdoche. I laughed til I cried.
  • I picked up this Ohio Til I Die tank. I want to wear it all the time.
  • My brother turned 20 (omg where does time go?!) and we celebrated two other friends’ birthdays too. I love life!
  • Getting inspired by all of you on Instagram. Follow me here.

How was your weekend? Did you get spring-like weather? Are you an allergy sufferer too?

April 8, 2013