Happy Monday!


My weekend was filled with family, friends and wonderful weather. Oh and allergies. I look pretty blah in the photo above but I promise I was excited on the inside. On Friday, Erika + I drank champagne and shot photos for our new project (that we’re launching tomorrow!) but I had been sneezing literally all day. Despite my seasonal annoyances, we had a great weekend. Here were my highlights:

  • We booked an apartment in Brooklyn via Airbnb for June! Excited to spend 6 days in the city with Adam.
  • I drank A LOT of coffee all weekend after feeling exhausted from allergies + lack of sleep. Loved the sign pictured above at One Line.
  • Over the past four years of being married, our taste has evolved. We picked up some new (used) glassware this weekend. $15 for 6!
  • I accidentally found this YouTube account while trying to pronounce Synecdoche. I laughed til I cried.
  • I picked up this Ohio Til I Die tank. I want to wear it all the time.
  • My brother turned 20 (omg where does time go?!) and we celebrated two other friends’ birthdays too. I love life!
  • Getting inspired by all of you on Instagram. Follow me here.

How was your weekend? Did you get spring-like weather? Are you an allergy sufferer too?

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Comments (11)

  • SO JEALOUS about your Brooklyn apartment trip. You suck.

  • Sigh. Allergies…I never had them til I moved to Dallas, and now that we’re in Little Rock it’s even worse! Turns out pollen and I are NOT friends. OY.

    • Isn’t it so odd? I never really had them until I moved to Ohio. I tend to be fine if I’m in a place near the ocean. I guess I need to move :)

  • Glad you had a great weekend! I feel like I haven’t seen any of you in ages. :( It’s been too long. We had a whirlwind of a weekend in North Carolina, and I’m so happy to be back home.

    Oh, also, my allergies have been going CRAZY the past couple of weeks. I’m so stuffy!

  • I’m excited for Spring and the chance for my kids to play outside without having to bundle up, or come inside after 10 minutes because they’ve lost their mittens and their fingers are frozen.

    Except, Spring = misery for me, and I am dreading the allergies that are sure to make themselves known as soon as everything starts blooming.

    • I love being outside and not tensing up because it’s so cold. The allergies are always the bad end of the deal…

      • I love love love Fall too, but my allergies then are even worse than in Spring. Still love Spring & Fall, just wish they liked me back.

  • Ugh. I get terrible seasonal allergies too. I’m just waiting for the day they start to act up and then I am right there with you. I hope you start feeling better!

    Congrats on the Brooklyn visit! I am such a big Airbnb fan. Which neighborhood are you in? I’ll start brainstorming hot spots you should hit up in June.

    • I hope yours stay away for awhile! And thank you! We’re excited. We’ll be in Williamsburg. Be sure let me know what you’d recommend :)

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