Go Out and Save the World


Last night, I gave in and just let myself cry. As a child and even into my late teens, I always had a hard time empathizing with others. After a tragic event that happened while I was a freshman in college, something clicked and I felt even more in tune when others were grieving. Since it’s a relatively new feeling, it can still surprise me. I promise I wasn’t a robot. So I let myself shed some tears and I moved forward. But not before I read this:

“There is no time, ever, in which a terrible disaster is not taking place somewhere on the planet. And thanks to modern technology, we know all about it almost immediately. As I see it, we have a moral responsibility to respond to those disasters in the best ways that we can. Write letters, send money, do whatever possible to alleviate pain, end suffering and make the world a more just place.

But in the face of ongoing disaster, it is also our moral responsibility to appreciate what we have. That is why cooking good food for the people that I love is so important to me; in a world filled with no, it is a big yes.

So eat a good breakfast. Be grateful for what you’ve got. Enjoy the sunshine while you’ve got it. Then go out and save the world.”

– Ruth Reichl, 2011 via (Gluten Free Girl)

Today I am going to make pancakes. Today I’m going to thank God for what I have. Today I’m going to save the world.

April 19, 2013