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I’m excited to unveil Boldly Chic Events‘ new site that I designed! We’ve been working on it since Christmas and it’s so exciting to finally share! From the slideshows to the custom watercolor background to the typography…I’m completely smitten (and 100% biased).


Lori at Boldly Chic Events is so amazing to work with. If you ever need a wedding planner – HIRE HER! Next up, we’ll be adding her blog into her new custom Wordpress site and making the entire thing responsive! Huge thanks to Martin for being my dev champ. See more here or on my portfolio site.

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  • Allie, this is absolutely beautiful! The watercolor is gorgeous and everything looks so clean and elegant. Congrats!

  • I love the design! Very clean and beautiful. I’m a rather new reader to this blog, so maybe you’ve already talked about this, but could you explain how to go about making a design responsive? Is it just a matter of choosing the right theme or are there things you need to put in the code to make it responsive? I’m just beginning to dive further into my learning of WordPress and website making and that’s one thing I was curious about but not sure where to look for answers.

    • Hi Jennifer – so sorry this is so delayed. When I design a responsive site, I usually will create designs for a tablet and smartphone. Other times, the developer will help a lot with the layout and adjust things like the menu and photos!

  • Thank you for letting me develop your beautiful designs! :-)

  • This site looks great! The first thing I thought of was this would be amazing if it’s ever responsive and lo and behold, you guys are working on it. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of the responsive design for sure! :)

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