April’s 3 New Things


It’s April Fool’s Day! This is actually one of my favorite “fake” holidays. I used to love pranking people all the time when I was a kid (and I was good at it too) and still think back fondly when April Fool’s Day rolls around. Almost every year I consider posting online that I’m pregnant (as a joke) but ultimately decide that it would be incredibly immature. But that’s what April Fool’s Day is all about!

But in all seriousness, March flew by and since we were gone for over half of the month I’m excited about all of the productivity that April will bring. I also am excited to share my 3 New Things this month:

  1. I’m going to jump back into painting. I started painting when I was a kid and actually was quite invested in it. I took private lessons, entered many competitions and can honestly say I never lost one (that’s my brag moment of the month). I want to start with acrylic since I focused so much on watercolor and oil before. 
  2. I’m determined to get better at using my Intuos4! I used it a bit last weekend while working on a project and I even felt myself improve after a few hours. I’m excited to search for some tutorials and tips. I also want to start using it when editing photos.
  3. I will master the grain-free waffle. First step: buy a waffle iron! I got a recipe from a friend last month and am sure Adam will be stoked when I finally prevail. Also, I most definitely will add some Jeni’s Ice Cream and make a sandwich.

Do you have any goals for April? It’s always such a great month weather-wise. I’m still not seeing any 60-degree temps in the upcoming forecast but I’m waiting patiently…

April 1, 2013