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I’m a lot older than my brother and sister. Six years older than my brother. Ten years older than my sister. Despite the years in between – the three of us have a bond. Besides Adam, I feel most comfortable with them. They can tease me, we can all be honest and I can laugh until I cry. It’s one of the biggest blessings in my life.

I took some photos of them before my mom’s 50th surprise birthday party and thought I’d share. But really, this one is my favorite…

2013-04-13 16.56.51-1

This week has been tough. With a family friend passing, pushing against personal insecurities and devastating national news…I’m tired of sweating the small stuff. Are ya with me?

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  • Totally with you, friend. There are so many big things we pass by and so many small things that take all of our attention. I’m trying to slow down, to be more intentional, to watch the grass grow—and in a world that’s surrounded by screens and stuff I’m finding it hard to do, but it’s all good, the sun will still come up tomorrow. Hang in there, I’m with you!

  • my youngest brother is 7, so he’s 10 years younger and then there’s two in between. they are still little, so our bonding is limited to reading books or fighting with them so that they brush their teeth or stop screaming when i’m studying. Sometimes it’s like i’m her second mom.
    this post makes me think that i should try to be more of a sister, as in, let them stay up late when i babysit them and blow more bubbles when i shower them:)

    • I would encourage you to try and be more of a sister. I only say that because I didn’t for so long. I can totally relate- I was more like my sister’s second mom. Now I’m both of their friends and it’s MUCH better when my own mom can just handle all of that responsibility :)

  • Sorry it’s been such a tough week. I think we’re all mourning the troubled news. It’s great that you can reflect on your great relationship with your family. Hopefully valuing the things that are important to you make the tough times pass easier.

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