I’m excited to unveil Boldly Chic Events‘ new site that I designed! We’ve been working on it since Christmas and it’s so exciting to finally share! From the slideshows to the custom watercolor background to the typography…I’m completely smitten (and 100% biased). Lori at Bold

I had a real weekend. No travel. No work. No commitments. I slept in. Watched 4 movies. Shopped til I dropped. Got my hair cut and colored. Had cocktails. Cleaned our entire townhouse. Did laundry. Ate mac n cheese at 3am. Talked to my family on the phone. Loved Adam more. Re-designed my blog header. The list

Yesterday we met up with some of our favorite people to film a secret project. We’re hoping to share it early May so keep your eyes peeled. Happy Friday, pals. I am freaking exhausted and can’t wait to SLEEP this weekend. Also, this space will be getting a bit of a refresher so check back […]

This week has felt risky, daring and sometimes overwhelming. But you can imaging not daring to dare?  *Handwritten doodle made using my Intuos4 on an extremely blurry photo of NYC

Today’s City Guide is brought to you by Marissa of Bourbon and Goose! When people head to Los Angeles more than likely they want to hit the beach. Well, being in LA for 10 years, I’ve lived or been to every point you can image. It really is as beautiful as you’ve seen in the […]

My uncle emailed a bunch of us these photos over the weekend. Photographs of my lolo and lola (which means grandparents in the Philippines) in 1961 right after my dad was born. The two portrait shots are my lola with my Aunt Ruby from 1959. It’s always nice to find gems like these. It reminds […]

Last night, I gave in and just let myself cry. As a child and even into my late teens, I always had a hard time empathizing with others. After a tragic event that happened while I was a freshman in college, something clicked and I felt even more in tune when others were grieving. Since […]

I’m a lot older than my brother and sister. Six years older than my brother. Ten years older than my sister. Despite the years in between – the three of us have a bond. Besides Adam, I feel most comfortable with them. They can tease me, we can all be honest and I can laugh […]

Yesterday one of my favorite clients sent me a text message with a screenshot of their logo. After taking a closer look, I realized that it wasn’t really their logo but a rip off of the one that I had designed for them last year. My heart started beating fast and after calling her I […]

Happy Tuesday, pals! I spent a long weekend in my hometown surprising my mom at her 50th birthday party. I love a good, well-planned surprise party. She literally screamed. It was amazing. Since I stayed a bit longer (how could I pass up making pancakes for my sister yesterday morning??), my Tuesday is like my

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. – Anais Nin I had this quote written in my journal all throughout college. I would read it, quite literally, every day. I didn’t really know what it meant but I knew […]

Today’s HERE WE GO post is brought to you by Rachel of Harmonious Homestead! The renaming of my website Hounds In The Kitchen to Harmonious Homestead required as much patience as growing the tomato seedlings pictured above from two-year-old saved seeds. I wanted to change the name for a long time as my bl

I’m so excited to share this project with you all today! Erika and I have been planning and planning and planning and it’s nice to finally share our idea with everyone! Haute Blog is a blogging 101 workshop for women who want to establish an online identity for themselves. We’ve taken the guess w

My weekend was filled with family, friends and wonderful weather. Oh and allergies. I look pretty blah in the photo above but I promise I was excited on the inside. On Friday, Erika + I drank champagne and shot photos for our new project (that we’re launching tomorrow!) but I had been sneezing literally

We’re booking our next trip to NYC. Recommendations on where we should stay? What we should do? We’d like to spend a majority of our time in Brooklyn but thought it would be fun to hop around before settling. I spent way too long browsing through Airbnb last night. We’ll be there 6 days in t

I’m busy designing, starting a side hustle + having a blast. Blogging might be lighter this week but I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about life lately: My life and friends here in Columbus. Warmer temperatures + cropped pants + light pink nails. I’m ready for 60 degree temps thi

It’s April Fool’s Day! This is actually one of my favorite “fake” holidays. I used to love pranking people all the time when I was a kid (and I was good at it too) and still think back fondly when April Fool’s Day rolls around. Almost every year I consider posting online that I&#82